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Our mission, as the premier INTERNATIONAL surrogacy consulting firm based in Dallas, is to enrich the lives of the people we touch. At Lotus Blossom Consulting we offer a unique, unbiased consulting service to help you explore your family building options. We work closely with individuals, same-sex and heterosexual couples throughout the In-Vitro process which may encompass egg donation, sperm donation, surrogacy or a combination thereof.

How We Help

We understand that this is a very difficult time for you. Facing this task without the guidance and support of an experienced Consultant can be an overwhelming prospect. Our Infertility Consultants can help! Lotus Blossom Consulting works closely with you to develop an individual, comprehensive plan to address your challenges of coping with infertility and help you explore the range of options available to make your family dream a reality. We offer continuous support and encouragement every step of the way. Lotus Blossom Consultants have relationships with the top professionals in the infertility field. Our highly trained and knowledgeable Consultants will help you navigate your way through the mountains of information and options and provide you with a pathway that will outline your options and strategies. Our success is measured not only by your satisfaction with our services but by the joy you experience in growing your family. Lotus Blossom Consultants are also affiliated with and members of some of the premier organizations in the world related to fertility. 

Our Team Members

Mindy Berkson founded Lotus Blossom Consulting (LBC) to arm consumers / patients with information and education to make the best medical choices. The consultancy was “born” from Mindy’s personal experience through infertility, and has blossomed through strategic alliances she cultivated from her deep- seeded background in venture capital. Mindy works with individuals taking into consideration clients’ emotional, physical and financial infertility issues by orchestrating nationwide teams of multidisciplinary unbiased professionals to accomplish a treatment cycle. Most importantly Mindy provides an insider’s approach to the often challenging roadblocks present in conquering infertility.

As an infertility expert, Mindy actively participates in an extensive list of media opportunities and speaking engagements both internationally and throughout the United States to help audiences understand and explore the resources necessary to accomplish the complicated issues associated with surrogacy.

Mindy Berkson

Mindy Berkson

Founder Lotus Blossom Consulting

Courtney Berkson

Courtney Berkson

Founder Lotus Blossom Consulting

For many years, Courtney Berkson has watched her mother, Mindy Berkson, create an organization that helps families and individuals achieve one of life’s most basic dreams; to have a family. As a recent graduate of the University of Arizona, with a major in consumer sciences, Courtney is laser focused on the changes in science and technology that are giving people more choices in their abilities to have children. “I see how these advancements are becoming more prevalent, particularly for my generation,” she says. “The ability to freeze eggs, for example, is just one of the advancements that young women should be aware of.” As an infertility consultant, Courtney works side-by-side with Mindy to achieve the results that Lotus Blossom Consulting is known for. “I’m passionate about this business,” she says. “There’s nothing more fulfilling than changing people’s lives in such dramatic and positive ways.”

What Our Families & Doctors Are Saying

Lotus Blossom offers extraordinarily professional, accessible and high touch services for clients around the world. Mindy is completely knowledgeable and skilled in the surrogacy world and consistently offers outstanding matches with almost no waiting -- often in only a few weeks.  She is also a wonderful communicator and problem-solver and she understands the importance of attentiveness and availability, resulting in a great balance of no-nonsense purposefulness and personal hand-holding.     

Dr Michael B Doyle, MD

CT Fertility

Thanks so much Mindy! I wish you also a merry Christmas and a beautiful new year 2017 with lots of success and lots babies around you. You will be in our minds during these holidays period as I would never tell you enough how you changed my life, believe me or not but every morning I have to pinch my finger very hard to verify that it is not a dream.


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