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Simplifying the Surrogacy Process for Our Families

“A little more persistence, a little more effort, and what seemed hopeless failure may turn to glorious success.”  Elbert Hubbard


Lotus Blossom Consulting infertility treatment services are tailored to our clients’ needs. Our fertility consultants map out an individualized plan because each pathway to parenthood is unique. Our guidance and support enables you to build the foundation emotionally, physically and financially while planning for multiple cycles. We help you balance hope with caution.

Initial Consultation

The initial Consultation is to discuss the client’s overall situation, including a discussion of the infertility diagnosis and the treatment options set forth by the physician, as well as success statistics for your diagnosis and age.

We establish a master plan to tackle the pathway to parenthood, taking into consideration emotional tolerances, the total financial budget, time frames and parameters for infertility treatment opportunities. This plan also includes identified milestones for changing treatment and taking other courses of action.

The Infertility Treatment Consultation, as with all of our services, is guided by our Philosophy to provide a realistic balance between hope and practicality given your own individual situation and plan financially for treatment, with resources set aside for multiple cycles. Financial prudence allows clients to move forward with confidence and security. At the end of the Infertility Treatment Consultation, our clients become more empowered to make informed decisions about all aspects of their situation.

Diagnosis Overview & Exploration of Treatment Options

Lotus Blossom Infertility Consultants can help refer you to the right fertility centers, fertility specialist and embryologists to obtain a diagnosis and an appropriate infertility treatment plan. Additionally, we pull together teams of multi-disciplinary unbiased professionals, such as attorneys, mental health professionals, licensed insurance agents, escrow managers, financial and estate planners and many other ancillary services that individuals going through infertility treatment may require.

Continuing Consultations

Identification of resources well suited to individual criteria is essential to peace of mind and preparing emotionally to explore treatment using a third party.

Financial and Estate Planning Consult

Discussions may include a myriad of options and analysis of choices to best suit individualized circumstances.

  • Executors
  • Trustees
  • Guardians
  • Distributions to partners and/or family members
  • Power of Attorney
  • Healthcare directives
  • Financial assistance

Learn more about our financial planning consultations.

Insurance Consult

This consult includes an analysis of options based upon individualized risk adversity.

  • Health
  • Disability
  • Life
  • Indemnification plans

Learn more about our insurance consultations.


Our Team of Consultants

Mindy Berkson

Mindy Berkson founded Lotus Blossom Consulting (LBC) to arm consumers / patients with information and education to make the best medical choices. The consultancy was “born” from Mindy’s personal experience through infertility, and has blossomed through strategic alliances she cultivated from her deep- seeded background in venture capital. Mindy works with individuals taking into consideration clients’ emotional, physical and financial infertility issues by orchestrating nationwide teams of multidisciplinary unbiased professionals to accomplish a treatment cycle. Most importantly Mindy provides an insider’s approach to the often challenging roadblocks present in conquering infertility.

As an infertility expert, Mindy actively participates in an extensive list of media opportunities and speaking engagements both internationally and throughout the United States to help audiences understand and explore the resources necessary to accomplish the complicated issues associated with surrogacy. Mindy is a newly elected board member to Fertile Action, an organization to help promote fertility preservation for cancer patients and is a member of Vistage, the world’s largest executive leadership organization. Mindy is founder of The Jude Andrew Adams Charitable Fund, which provides grants for under insured and financially needy individuals seeking to build families.

Courtney Berkson

For many years, Courtney Berkson has watched her mother, Mindy Berkson, create an organization that helps families and individuals achieve one of life’s most basic dreams; to have a family. As a recent graduate of the University of Arizona, with a major in consumer sciences, Courtney is laser focused on the changes in science and technology that are giving people more choices in their abilities to have children. “I see how these advancements are becoming more prevalent, particularly for my generation,” she says. “The ability to freeze eggs, for example, is just one of the advancements that young women should be aware of.” As an infertility consultant, Courtney works side-by-side with Mindy to achieve the results that Lotus Blossom Consulting is known for. “I’m passionate about this business,” she says. “There’s nothing more fulfilling than changing people’s lives in such dramatic and positive ways.”

What Our Families & Doctors Are Saying

Always Searching for Better Ways to Make Patients Happy

Dear Mindy, I am so glad that our team was able to meet you in person. We are always searching for better ways to make the patients happy and satisfied when they are going through IVF treatments. Finding you, I feel, is a blessing for us because- like I said many times already- there are times when I will feel like I have hit a road block in dealing with some of the cases. Your experience, knowledge and network may be the thing that will allow us to overcome these obstacles for the well being and success of the patients. My partner feels the same way and told me to let you know that. We will begin to refer patients for consideration of your services.

Dr. Sawetawan

Reproductive Health and Fertility Center, Rockford, IL

Embarking on an international surrogacy project can be an expensive, emotionally draining and a hugely challenging process. Aside from dealing with your own emotions, you face the complication of grappling with understanding foreign laws and processes that you’re totally unfamiliar with, which can open up the journey to countless pitfalls – especially when you choose to undertake your journey in the USA. There are many apparent specialists who advertise their services, but my husband and I feel truly blessed to have found Mindy Berkson at Lotus Blossom Consulting. Making a selection on your surrogacy advisor involves a leap of trust, particularly when having to appoint someone overseas who you have met only over Skype. With Mindy, we have never had cause to question our selection. It takes a very special person like Mindy to make the international surrogacy process appear much more straightforward, achievable and not quite as stressful, thanks to: her open and engaging personality; huge professionalism and experience; ‘can-do’ positive attitude, which helps to keep your morale positive; superb connections within the surrogacy sector.  Mindy is also extremely highly-regarded by the surrogates that have worked with her, which stands as a further great testament to her character and integrity. From all our experience, Mindy has helped us, and countless others from around the world, discover that the dream of starting a family can actually be a reality.

NM and JF

London, England

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