Insurance Consultation

Health Insurance

Lotus Blossom Consultants will review your health insurance benefit. If you are approaching or in an open enrollment period, Lotus Blossom Consulting can help you review your options. If you do not have health insurance through your employer, Lotus Blossom Consultants will help you find an independent provider. Whatever your insurance situation, Lotus Blossom Consluting will help you maximize the benefits you do have and reduce out of pocket expenses to explore surrogacy, egg donation and in-vitro fertilization.

In addition to health insurance, many employers offer other services which indirectly benefit individuals undergoing fertility treatment. These benefits can be utilized to pay for infertility even if health insurance does not offer coverage. Lotus Blossom Consulting reviews not just health insurance, but all employer benefits to take advantage of every available resource.

Insurance for Egg Donors and Surrogates

Lotus Blossom Consulting reviews health insurance benefits for egg donor and surrogacy arrangements. We also review the surrogate’s policy. A gap analysis for surrogacy arrangements is critical to ensure that all costs are covered. We identify and provide, through our insurance partners, additional coverage if needed. Gap analysis is essential not only for these situations, but overall to ensure there are no unexpected expenditures.

Drug Benefit

In addition to reviewing your health insurance plan, it is vital to review your Prescription and Medication Benefits packages. Often medication is not covered even if treatment is. Lotus Blossom Consulting works with pharmacies nationwide to offer our clients the best possible prices on the medications their physicians prescribe.

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