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Black Tie Dinner: Spring Brunch 2017

Every good story starts with a passion. My passion for Black Tie began before I stepped foot into a dinner. A Dallas friend introduced be to the Human Rights Campaign (HRC) 8 years ago. He shared with me a vision where LGBTQ people are ensured of their basic equal...

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New Collaboration with Sweet Dreams Infant Care

Lotus Blossom Consulting is delighted to be in a new partnership which we believe will benefit our mutual clients immensely. Pam Jones and Pat Porrey created Sweet Dreams Infant Care because, as we well know, babies do not come with instruction manuals. These amazing...

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Four Expert Tips for a Successful Fertility Journey

The best way to achieve a successful fertility journey is to have a plan and then a backup plan. Here are four tips from our experts to help you play your pathway to parenthood. Tip #1  Know When It’s Time to Seek Out a Reproductive Endocrinologist Conception is not...

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The Path to Optimal Surrogacy

As you begin the journey through surrogacy, I can tell you that taking the time and effort to build your end family goal from the ground floor up will help to minimize the financial impact and maximize your results. Careful thought and significant planning are...

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Fertility Preservation after a Cancer Diagnosis

The diagnosis of cancer is devastating and it is very difficult to make thoughtful, decisive and emotional decisions when under undue stress.  It is also difficult to know what questions to ask and what is most important to consider Breast cancer affects 1 in every 8...

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Conquering Today’s Conception Challenges

According to our Center for Disease Control and Prevention, there were 7.5 million American women between the ages of 15-44 diagnosed with infertility in 2016. Of these individuals who are biologically unable to get pregnant or carry a baby to full term, 6.9 million...

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Top 5 Questions About Using an Infertility Consultant

Top 5 Questions About Using an Infertility Consultant Q: We’re already spending a fortune on infertility treatment, why add another expense by hiring an infertility consultant? A: Prudent planning at the very beginning of your infertility journey can save time,...

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A Blueprint for Mastering ART

You’ll often find that truly dedicated experts come from a place of knowing; they’ve been there and struggled through it, learned the lessons and come out the other side, intact. They are passionately motivated to embark on careers where their experiences, and the...

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The Waiting Game

No doubt about it, infertility is on the rise.  These days, one in six couples will struggle to conceive and over 7.3 million couples in the U.S. experience infertility.  According to the World Health Organization, there are close to 80 million infertile couples in...

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Your Dream of a Family IS Possible

Are you struggling to conceive? Do you not know where to turn, or what avenue to pursue next? Are you feeling emotionally drained, confused and maybe even depressed? Or, are you overwhelmed with procedures that have not worked, and do you wonder where you will find...

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