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An internationally recognized expert, Mindy was recently quoted in the Spanish-language publication Miercoles. Access an English translation here: Berkson_MiercolesArticle.

Three Expert Tips For a Successful Fertility Journey

Mindy was asked to share her expertise with the readers of Circle+Bloom. Read her expert tips for a successful fertility journey.

When the next step is egg donor, surrogate

Mindy Berkson spoke to journalist Nicole Villalpando of the Austin-American Statesman and Raising Austin about finding a surrogate, egg donation and the journey to parenthood.

Winnetka Talk

Mindy Berkson was invited to sit down with a reporter from the Winnetka Talk, of the Pioneer Press newspapers, which is now a part of the Chicago Tribune,  to discuss the growth and success of her business, which is celebrating its 10thanniversary this year. Did you know that the Lotus Blossom Consulting team of infertility consultants is responsible for the birth of close to 700 babies?

The Washingtonian: Beat the Clock

Mindy is quoted in an article on women in their thirties and forties who are struggling with infertility— which is why more young, single women are freezing their eggs.

Greenwich Post: Fertility expert looks to bring expertise to Greenwich

For one in six couples in America, the simple joy of childbearing is anything but easy, but with the help of fertility expert Mindy Berkson, would-be parents around Greenwich — and the globe — are realizing their dreams of becoming parents through surrogacy arrangements.

Fox News Magazine: Celebs Freeze Eggs While Careers Are Hot

Mindy Berkson’s expertise is prominently featured on the topic of this article.

Good Morning Buenos Aires: Navigating the Infertility Maze Abroad

Mindy discusses the most important thing to consider when pursuing alternative child bearing treatments abroad is to build a foundation. (Avoid the Pitfalls of Taking on Too Much Too Soon)

Women’s Post: Woman of the Week: Mindy Berkson

Mindy is profiled as “Woman of the Week” in Women’s Post Toronto.

My Directives: Global Infertility Leader Teams Up With MyDirectives® to Help Families Prepare for Parenthood

MyDirectives®, a service of Dallas, TX-based ADVault, Inc., today announced a partnership with Lotus Blossom Consulting founder Mindy Berkson, one of the world’s foremost infertility consultants.


Mindy discusses some of the issues that gay couples should be aware of as they navigate some of the potential hurdles surrogacy can bring.

Gay San Diego: The real ‘New Normal’

Mindy talks about the surrogacy process

Gay Parent: Family Recipe

Mindy’s work to help a gay couple achieve their family building dreams


Mindy authored an article in Europe’s premiere fertility magazine, Fertility Road, about medical tourism and what individuals need to know when they come to the U.S. for fertility treatments.

Having A Baby in the Fertility Maze -The Washington Times

Navigating the process of collaborative reproduction with a Fertility Consultant.

Considering Surrogacy – Working Mother

Mindy shares with readers all the considerations necessary when embarking on the surrogacy journey.

Canadians Look South for Surrogacy Options – Xtra

Given the restrictive nature of Canadian laws regarding surrogacy and egg donation Mindy discusses the options available to those seeking to have biological children. Being There For Your Infertile Friend This Holiday Season

Mindy is interviewed about how to be there for infertile couples during the holidays The Holiday Blues

Mindy discusses coping with infertility over the holidays

Nonprofits join forces to help cancer survivors with fertility preservation

IVF and insurance: What’s the upshot?

Mindy lists some of the key questions you should keep in mind before seeking treatment for infertility

How to find the best fertility doctor in DC? An interview with Mindy Berkson.

Mindy addresses key topics to pay attention to when searching for a fertility specialist.

Navigating the Infertility Maze Abroad

Mindy Berkson describes her process when helping clients seek treatment abroad.

Benefits of utilizing an infertility consultant

Mindy Berkson talks about her goal of helping clients develop a complete and effective action plan that will €œmaximize their treatment cycle and minimize the financial expenditure over time.

Infertile Couples can Conceive

Mindy Berkson discusses infertility and available treatment options

Single Men and The Quest for Biological Children

Mindy Berkson sheds insights on single men and the quest for biological children

Understanding Your Fertility: Fertility Services

Mindy Berkson describes the role of an infertility consultant when traveling to the U.S. for treatment

Breast Cancer Awareness Month: Preserving your fertility during cancer treatment (

A discussion and advice about talking to your doctor before cancer treatment about preserving your fertility from Mindy Berkson. (Considering an Infertility Consultant: Interview with Susan Radulovacki)

Mindy discusses her role as an infertility consultant and her goal to make a couple’s journey simpler (Giving Birth to a Niche Business)

Mindy discusses being an infertility consultant and using patience and persistence to build an international operation. (When to Seek an Infertility Specialist)

When should you seek an infertility specialist? Check out Mindy’s interview with the Examiner.

Expectant Mother’s Guide (Treatment Options for Infertility)

Mindy gives infertility treatment advice to Expectant Mother’s Guide.

Expectant Mother’s Guide (Questions to Ask Your Doctor)

Infertility is overwhelming and confusing. Take this list of questions with you to the doctor’s office. (Hope for Infertility)

Mindy gives hope to those dealing with infertility

Do You Need A Fertility Consultant? – Conceive Magazine

Using a Fertility Consultant to help you weed through your options can help save time

All About Egg Freezing -Raising the Bar

Mindy Shares the new options available today for women who choose to delay childbearing.

A Chicago Consultancy Offers Hope to Those Battling Infertility – The Examiner

Mindy offers individuals the guidance and support they need to manage this difficult challenge.

Conceivable Options: Financing Treatment – RESOLVE

Helping to make educated decisions about financial planning for infertility treatment.

The Family Way – Pioneer Press

Helping to navigate the journey to parenthood.

Making Families is not Always a Simple Matter – The Pioneer Press

Mindy helps clients overcome the complexities of surrogacy.

The Stork Whisperer – Crain’s Chicago Business

Mindy Berkson helps couples figure out how to become parents.

Working Women and Infertility: Addressing The Changing Needs of Women in the Workforce

Women’s Bar Association of Illinois

And Baby Makes Three LGBT Couples Explore Options for Third-Party Reproduction

by Mindy Berkson, Founder, Lotus Blossom Consulting, LLC

Financing Your Infertility Treatment

A special report by Lotus Blossom Consulting

Lotus Blossom Consulting on Infertility – City Woman Chicago

Building Families

Third-party Reproduction for LGBT couples – Windy City Times

Helping the LGBT communities build families

Using Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) To Build Your Family

Seven Effective Strategies to Maximize Your Opportunity

Building Families and Achieving Dreams – For Her Information

Establishing Time frames Ideal for Your Treatment Cycle

How An Infertility Consultant Can Help

Top 5 Answers to Questions

Profile Gay Chicago

When you are struggling with infertility.

Funding Your Reproductive Options – The Choice Mom

Exploring your options prior to treatment.

LGBT Pathways To Parenting Presentation

Financing Infertility Treatment

PRESS RELEASE – Lotus Blossom Consulting Announces Discount on Cord Blood Storage Through Family Cord Blood Services

PRESS RELEASE – Lotus Blossom Consulting and Braun Pharmacy Bring Hope to Infertile Couples Through Jude Andrew Adams Charitable Fund

PRESS RELEASE – Lotus Blossom Consulting Teams up with Ferring Pharmaceuticals

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