Egg Donation

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Egg Donor

Using an egg donor increases the chance of success for many that experience family building challenges. Lotus Blossom Consulting has guided hundreds of intended parents through this process. With Lotus Blossom Consulting’s national agency network, we can quickly identify egg donors and agencies that best fit your criteria. Lotus Blossom Consulting increases the pool of potential qualified candidates, which decreases the wait time, thereby the wait time to begin a cycle.

Most importantly, based upon exponential access to donor candidates, Lotus Blossom consultants are able to match very close to desired criteria in a shortened timeframe, typically about two weeks. In our experience, meeting requirements that closely match has helped many women and couples come to terms with having to use an egg donor.

Lotus Blossom Consulting is not a recruiting agency which distinguishes us as an industry leader. We do not work exclusively with any one fertility center and/or any one recruiting agency. We do not accept referral fees for any matches made or from any agency. During the past 17 years in this industry, we have relied on Mindy’s venture capital background and professional industry experience to cultivate strong strategic alliances and relationships with recruiting agencies nationwide. Lotus Blossom consultants drive significant business to these recruiting agencies. In exchange, we receive access to candidate profiles as well as special perks for Lotus Blossom Consulting clients.

Egg Banking

Another option to enter the infertility arena is egg banking. Egg banking is available to women up to 38 years of age. It is a wonderful option for those who have consciously chosen to delay child bearing for careers or finding the right partner, or for those who may have suffered medical diagnoses that compromise future fertility.

Freezing eggs allows women to avoid having to use an anonymous sperm donor until they are ready to fertilize their eggs, at which time they may have identified a known sperm donor. Another advantage of egg banking is that eggs can be thawed in the future, fertilized with sperm of choice and then refrozen as embryos for future IVF treatment cycles. Using frozen eggs also helps to facilitate the infertility treatment cycle without having to rely on an egg donor’s time frame or schedule to begin treatment. This fast growing and very new technology offers more choices and much more flexibility with fertility treatment options for the future.

Lotus Blossom consultants can help you identify an egg banking program that suits your individual needs, and offers success rates equivalent to fresh donor egg IVF cycles.

Finding the Perfect Egg Donor

Identifying the right egg donor for your family is such a personal and emotional process, not to mention a part-time job in terms of the hours you will spend looking at donor profiles. Without engaging Mindy at Lotus Blossom Consulting, this process would have been completely overwhelming. Her relationships with agencies and access to hundreds of donor profiles, saves so much time and emotional energy. Working with Mindy is also an “insurance policy” as the pre-negotiated clause used exclusively for her clients in the agency agreement protects our financials interests. I never thought this would come into play, but when we had a major issue come up with the agency we were working with and were unable to resolve the disagreement, my husband and I were able to terminate the contract and have our financial interests protected. Without this clause in the agreement the majority of our agency fee totaling several thousand dollars would have been at risk. We were able to move forward to work with another agency that was better fit.

– SC from Dallas, TX

Understanding the Value of Egg Banking

Mindy Berkson stopped time and changed my life. I am a single professional woman in her early 30s. I come from a large and loving family – and have always adored children. For me, motherhood is a must. However, while I am eager to find my soul mate he appears to be taking his time in finding me. I did not feel pressure to find my man, settle down, and have kids immediately. But I knew that the fertility statistics were not on my side. When I met Mindy for advise and counsel, she provided me with concrete medical statistics which underscored the reality of what I knew – time was of the essence. More important, she educated me on medical advances that would literally stop time. No one knows what the future has in store. I could meet my soul mate today, fall madly in love, get married, and have no complications with pregnancy in the future. But, it was not a risk I was willing to take. I knew that if I did not explore this further, I would potentially regret it in years to come. Mindy spoke with me at length on the options available and ranked specialists around the country, helping me to select the appropriate doctor. The summer of 2010, I had my eggs frozen. For me, it was an insurance policy. When the time is right, I plan to try to get pregnant on my own. But, if there are complications I will have the ability to get pregnant using younger eggs. I may never need to use the eggs that I have stored, and I recognize the possibility that they might not work. But, I will know that I did everything in my power to make my dreams of motherhood a reality. I have been incredibly vocal about the process. Women always ask, “Well, how much did it cost?”. I won’t lie – it was more than a pair of Loboutins. But, the real question is, “How can you value this sense of security?”. I didn’t feel pressure to settle down because of my age, but any inkling of stress has completely dissipated. The process has given me peace of mind and has truly empowered me. Mindy was not simply a source of initial information – she supported me throughout the entire process. I would encourage anyone exploring fertility options to contact Lotus Blossom Consulting.

– LM from Chicago, IL

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