LGBT Family Building

“Hope is the little voice you hear whisper ‘maybe’ when it seems the world is shouting ‘no.’” – Anonymous

Alternative Family Building

As overwhelming as third-party reproduction can be for heterosexual couples, gay, lesbian, bi- and transgender couples, as well as single parents, can face even greater challenges. Identifying resources appropriate to each individual’s situation is paramount. Education, awareness, and identification of appropriate resources are some of the necessary elements that Lotus Blossom consultants provide to help you balance hope with caution throughout your family building journey.

Discriminatory adoption laws that favor heterosexual couples, and the various obstacles of finding surrogate mothers in gay-friendly states are among the long list of issues that must be considered. It is critical to assemble a team of unbiased multidisciplinary professionals including reproductive endocrinologists, embryologists, attorneys, licensed insurance agents, financial consultants, mental health professionals, estate and tax planners who can effectively address the issues uniquely associated with individual needs, as well as situations associated with discriminatory laws and regulations that can adversely affect same-sex couples.

The Matching Process

Lotus Blossom Consultants’ work is not limited to identifying candidates. Our matching process focuses on identifying candidates with like-minded attitudes for the course of the pregnancy and the surrogacy arrangement. This process involves a thorough understanding of our clients’ desires for handling the pregnancy, any invasive testing that may be required, and what clients plan to do with the test results.

We discuss number of embryos to transfer and issues of terminating a pregnancy because of chromosomal abnormalities or selective reduction if necessary. These are the key elements in identifying a like-minded candidate and also the very essence of the future legal contract. This is the ground work that allows us to identify a specific candidate that may be ideal for the course of your surrogacy arrangement.

Navigating the Legal Boundaries for Same Sex Couples

We work closely with attorneys nationwide as the laws for parentage are extremely specific to and vary from state to state. We will only share profiles of qualified and available surrogates with you from states where your names will be on the birth certificate at birth or shortly thereafter. Lotus Blossom Consulting works with licensed insurance agents to review policies and identify potential surrogacy exclusions that can leave clients vulnerable.

The goal of the insurance consult is to determine what coverage is actually available, if any, and what additional polices may be purchased to further lessen financial risk associated with surrogacy, and address each individual client’s risk adversity. Further distinguishing Lotus Blossom Consulting from a typical recruiting agency is our alliances with financial and estate planners across the country. Because same-sex couples do not enjoy many of the same benefits as opposite-sex couples, careful planning is essential to meet these challenges.



Successful Journeys


Mindy, It has been such a pleasure working with you these past several months. We don’t know how we would have succeeded if we did not have you in place. You helped us to think of things that we would have never considered when choosing our surrogate and egg donor. You identified two agencies that were flexible and accommodating to our needs and you referred us to a wonderful team of fertility specialists. If it were not for the team of professionals that you put together for us, we know that we would not be expecting our family today.

Thank you for your attentiveness, knowledge and wisdom that you shared throughout the process and still share with us today throughout the pregnancy. We are so grateful to you and excited about our new family!

Marc and Jeff

Arlington, VA, Our Successful Journey

When Brian and I first began our two-year adventure to start a family, we were forced to bounce back from the challenges of working with an agency. After a 10 month roller coaster ride and zero results, our amazing partners and now friends at CT Fertility recommended Mindy Berkson. They knew that her unique approach to guiding couples through the surrogacy process was sure to be the right fit for us, especially after what we had experienced over the last year.

On January 22nd, 2014 @ 3:06, we welcomed our son, Declan into the world. I can say with the utmost certainty that had we not collaborated with Mindy and Lotus Blossom Consulting, we would not have been able to navigate this process and accomplish our goal- to make our family of two into a family of three. We are forever thankful and eternally grateful that we made that call to Mindy. The surrogacy process is hard enough to manage, both emotionally and financially- Mindy was a rock, a trusted partner and now, a friend. I have said it before, Thank You will never be enough for what you have helped us through.

Daniel Weinrieb and Brian Walsh

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