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How to Stay Motivated to Maintain Good Health During Puberty

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It’s easy to get distracted by the many changes that puberty brings. However, it is essential to stay motivated about maintaining a healthy lifestyle during this time. Everyone has different strategies for managing this tricky stage of life, find some that work best for you and stick with them!

Do You Know Your Diet?

A lot is going on with your body during puberty. It’s important to take good care of it by feeding it food that will nourish you and keep you healthy.

Get a food journal and record everything you eat. Are the majority of meals fast food or processed food?

These foods might not taste as bad, but they will catch up with you in the long run. If necessary, read nutrition labels to determine how many calories are in each serving. Your goal should be 1,500 calories each day for weight maintenance.

Couch Time Is No Good for You

Sitting on the couch all day can be tempting, but it’s essential to get out and move.

Sitting still is very detrimental to your health—you don’t want cardiovascular disease before becoming a teenager! Try going for walks after dinner or with a friend, playing sports in the gym at school, or simply just dancing around your house when nobody is watching.

It might look silly to non-participants, but these activities are great for your health! Your doctor will definitely thank you later.

Are You Getting Enough Sleep?

It can be tricky getting enough sleep when so many things are going on in your life that needs attention.

However, not getting enough sleep is something that needs weighty consideration if this happens regularly.

Getting enough sleep is essential for maintaining your health; it can help prevent obesity, diabetes, cancer, and even stress.

If your doctor says you’re not getting enough rest each night, try to find time in your schedule where you can relax. It might be as simple as reading a book before bedtime or as complicated as watching a movie with friends. Figure out what works best for you and stick to it!

Take Care of Your Skin

During puberty, acne will appear on many faces. Whether from hormones or eating that bag of potato chips too quickly after being upset over a breakup (guilty), breakouts need treatment if they become a problem.

Make sure to wash your face twice a day with a gentle cleanser, pat it dry afterward, and apply acne medication as directed.

If necessary, try to find a dermatologist that you can visit regularly. They might recommend a more vital acne cream if the milder stuff isn’t working for you. Nobody likes pimples!

Focus on Facial Growth

Many teenagers get braces during puberty. It can be challenging dealing with, but there are ways to make the experience better for you.

A Herbst orthodontic appliance is an option that will move your teeth into place faster than regular braces and without the need for rubber bands.

This orthodontics appliance works by using small plates attached to your front teeth. They help push everything in while you sleep so work can begin ASAP. It comes in two options: removable and fixed. Both function the same way; it’s just that one doesn’t require any extra tools for removal.

They both work well at correcting overbites, underbites, crossbites, and crowding other permanent teeth. Talk to your dentist about whether this option is suitable for you and prepare to start your journey towards a better smile.

Contact Lenses Aren’t Just for Adults Anymore

With good vision being necessary for almost every action in life, it can be tough to either correct your own vision or to wear glasses all the time.

Luckily, contact lenses are becoming more and more popular with teenagers who want a more attractive alternative.

They might look a little funny—especially if they aren’t placed correctly—but there’s no reason not to get them if it makes going out easier. If you feel uncomfortable asking your parents about using contacts during puberty, ask your doctor for advice on how to do so.

The Bottom Line

Puberty can be an exciting time, but it’s also one that requires a lot of self-maintenance. Ensure that you’re taking good care of yourself now so that you don’t have to deal with health issues as an adult.

Nobody likes being sick—take the necessary precautions now so that your body stays healthy during puberty. You’re closer to becoming an adult than you think. Take good care of yourself so that the transition is easier when it comes!

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