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Becoming Your Mentally and Physically Healthiest Self

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We often hear the phrase “become the best you,” but what does it really mean? It could mean something different from person to person, but a good metric to go by is being at your best physical and mental state. It’s a state where you don’t have any grave health issues and do not suffer from mental anguish.

To many, this state is only an ideal or a dream. But that shouldn’t stop people from working towards it. It may sound grand, it may sound impossible, but there’s truly nothing wrong in wishing the best for yourself. And that’s what we’re going to talk about today. Here are some tips you can follow to become the healthiest you– both mentally and physically.

Start Getting into Fitness

You’ve probably heard this advice at least once, and it’s really not a bad idea to try it out. It’s no secret that exercise can help boost not only our physical health but also our mental state. Exercise can help improve your mood, increase your stamina, and also develop more confidence.

Exercise does not have to be rigorous, and you don’t have to exert way too much effort, especially if you are starting. You can start with basic movement exercises like a light jog for ten minutes and then gradually increase the time or difficulty. Or you can choose other exercises that suit you, like yoga, pilates, dancing, or others.

Eat Healthier

The expression “you are what you eat” is pretty much true. If you habitually eat junk food, you can’t expect yourself to feel good and healthy. Eating healthy isn’t just a fad, and even if you are a picky eater, there are many ways to get good flavor into your food.

At first, it might seem a bit bothersome to try healthy options, especially if you’re more used to quick and easy meals. But eating healthy doesn’t have to mean complicated recipes or bland food. Learning how to cook and make your own food can help you take control of your own diet, and doing so will also earn you useful skills in the kitchen.

Build Positive Habits

To be the best version of yourself, you need to have good habits that promote wellness. Creating a routine around helping you achieve personal fitness goals, teaching yourself to take better care of yourself, among many other things, are all positive habits you need to develop.

You create a laundry list of good habits and then force yourself to follow it the next day immediately. Start small, come up with a shortlist of things you need to accomplish during the morning. Slowly integrating positive habits into your lifestyle is the best way to not burn yourself out and increase your chances of habituating it.

Don’t Forget About Dental Health

Dental health is perhaps one of the most commonly overlooked aspects of health. Whenever people talk about well-being, it’s often more concerned about weight and mental state, and rarely oral health. However, it’s important to not forget your dental health as well- let’s face it, you won’t be living your best life with bad teeth and constant gum problems.

Always remember to brush your teeth after every meal (it’s part of forming good habits). Flossing is important as well. Frequent visits to the dentist or oral surgeon are also important to ensure that your teeth and gums are in good shape. It’s easy to think that your dental health should take a backseat, but it can severely affect your quality of life. Oral health is just as crucial as your physical or mental health.

Your Looks Matter, Too

When talking about overall well-being, it often involves being in the right weight or right mental state. Your physical appearance often takes a backseat- and often for a good reason. Obsessing over your looks isn’t exactly a healthy thing, but that doesn’t mean you should ignore it.

Looking in a mirror shouldn’t make you feel sad or depressed; it should fill you with motivation and drive. And that’s only possible if you actually like how you look. And that’s the secret to it: wear the clothes you like, style your hair in the way you like it. Your looks matter, yes, but most importantly, it should matter to you. You should be comfortable with your personal appearance enough that it makes you happy. This form of self-love is ultimately an important part of becoming your best self.

It’s Not About the Destination but the Journey

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that becoming the healthiest you has an end goal. In reality, it’s a lifelong journey that one must take. But the reward isn’t in the destination. After all, it’s in the journey. It’s in the effort of trying your best and finding yourself happier because of it.

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