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The Seven Dimensions of Wellness: How You Can Improve Your Well-Being

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Wellness pertains to continued growth and optimal balance of the seven dimensions of wellness, which is more than physical health—aiming to improve the full integration of one’s physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing. It’s a complex interaction leading to a better quality of life.   The ‘seven’ dimensions contribute to the sense of a person’s wellness and quality of life, which can overlap one another. Although there are times that one is more prominent than the others, when you neglect just a single one for any length of time can have adverse effects on your health, so take care of yourself—wholly.

Here are the seven dimensions of wellness to embrace to improve your overall wellbeing—leading to a happier and more accomplished life.


Physical wellness promotes a healthy quality of life. This is the ability to maintain optimal physical health by taking care of your body responsibly. You can achieve this by embracing healthy habits, such as following a balanced diet, regular exercise, and participating in courses such as the TRX suspension training course for a fun way of molding your physical health.

It’s also best to avoid succumbing to destructive habits, like too much alcohol intake, smoking, and drugs.   By doing these things, you can enjoy doing everyday activities without physical stress or fatigue, reducing the risk of illnesses, and adding more years to your life.


Emotional wellness is a vital state that frequently changes, along with the six dimensions of wellness. It is the ability to understand how to act or handle both negative and positive emotions. Emotional wellness also comprises proper decision making, self-esteem, autonomy, and optimism. Achieving emotional wellness leads to a sense of relaxation, self-care, inner peace, and emotional strength.


The intellectual dimension promotes mental creativeness and active thinking. Just like our bodies, our minds also need to be exercised, inspired and fed with healthy thoughts and useful information as a process of continuous learning. Intellectual wellness can be attained by anyone who is using available resources to improve skills and expand knowledge. Participating in cultural, academic, and community activities can also stimulate intellectual wellness.


Social wellness refers to the ability to build harmonious and healthy relationships and how we interact with others. Being socially well means that you can communicate and relate well with others and show respect to yourself and the people around you. Social wellness leads to a better community that supports each other.


Spiritual wellness means having a set of principles, morals, beliefs, and values that guide or direct you to the path you want to take in life. This can also mean a connection to something greater than yourself. You can achieve Spiritual wellness with a high level of hope, commitment, and faith in something you believe in. This also provides a sense of purpose and meaning to life and a better understanding of the forces that lie within and outside your life.


Wellness Environmental wellness means environmental awareness and having a deep concern about our constantly changing planet. You can achieve environmental wellness by living a sustainable life and having a harmonious relationship with nature without harming the environment. Being active in community activities that aim to protect the environment is also a part of environmental wellness.


Occupational or Vocational wellness is the ability to maximize the use of your skills, talents, and gifts to obtain happiness, enrichment, and purpose in life. Your attitude and commitment towards your work are essential to achieve occupational wellness. And this will lead to a positive attitude and satisfaction in your job.

Having the right balance among these seven dimensions of wellbeing can lead to a fuller and more satisfying life—and nourishing each one of them provides you with ample opportunities to enrich your daily life, helping you live your life to the fullest.

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