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As one of the first infertility consultants in the United States, Lotus Blossom Consulting acts as patient navigators and advocates helping our clients to financially and physically plan for the often overwhelming and emotional journey through infertility.  Our clientele spans the nation and the globe.  International clients often choose to explore treatment in the US because of legal constraints in their home countries.  We work closely with our clients to build treatment opportunities and identify resources such as egg donors and surrogates in the United States to suit client’s specific and individual needs.

Infertility Consultants

A vast majority of our clients undergo infertility treatments due to delayed child bearing; as most women do not know that for many, fertility rates begin to decline at age 28.  Thus, many of our clients are women in their mid to upper 30’s seeking to accomplish their journey to parenthood through egg donation.  This involves using eggs from an egg donor ranging in age from 21 to 30 years old.  Other popular treatment options may include egg freezing or surrogacy.  Both egg donation and surrogacy are also popular options for our same sex male clients seeking to have biological offspring. We are instrumental in helping all our clients to identify egg donors and surrogates nationwide.  We are able to do this through carefully selected strategic alliances we have cultivated with egg donor agencies and surrogate recruiters.  These alliances allow us to:

  • Exponentially expand the pool of qualified and available candidates
  • Match close to desired criteria and ethnicity in a short time frame, typically two weeks

With pre-negotiated agreements among our surrogate recruiters, we ensure only psychologically and medically cleared  surrogates for our clients.  And patient advocacy does not end there.  Being able to implement a multi-disciplinary team of unbiased professionals including the fertility specialist, attorneys, insurance agents, financial and estate planners to suit our clients individualized needs is truly what differentiates and distinguishes Lotus Blossom Consulting.

Our mission, as the premier global infertility consulting firm, is to enrich the lives of the people we touch each day and the families that we help to create.

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Lotus Blossom offers extraordinarily professional, accessible and high touch services for clients around the world. Mindy is completely knowledgeable and skilled in the surrogacy world and consistently offers outstanding matches with almost no waiting — often in only a few weeks.  She is also a wonderful communicator and problem-solver and she understands the importance of attentiveness and availability, resulting in a great balance of no-nonsense purposefulness and personal hand-holding.

Dr Michael B Doyle, MD

CT Fertility

Bridgeport, CT

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