5 Ways to Achieve Straight Teeth

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A smile is an important indicator of one’s personality. Many people look at others and judge them based on their smiles. First impressions last. However, if you have crooked or misaligned teeth, it can affect how others see you.

Thanks to orthodontics, people can have straight teeth and beautiful smiles. Aside from the aesthetic benefits of orthodontic treatment, it can also help prevent serious dental problems in the future. Orthodontics uses appliances to correct crooked teeth, fix an incorrect bite, and deal with jaw problems. Reputable orthodontists in Taylorsville use various tools in their practice, and here are the most common ways to achieve straight teeth:

Metal Braces

Metal braces, also known as traditional and conventional braces, are those made of arch wires to help straighten the teeth. They are the cheapest ones on the market today; however, they are effective in straightening the teeth. Elastic bands are utilized to keep the braces in place. On the other hand, metal braces have a lot of disadvantages such as a prolonged time of wearing them, being permanent even when you eat, and gum blisters.

Clear Aligners

Clear aligners are dental tools used to help make crooked teeth look straighter. The plus side of having clear aligners is that they’re nearly invisible, without the noticeable metal brackets. They also cause no gum irritation, can be removed when eating or brushing, and are unnoticeable. One of the most common types of clear aligners is Invisalign, which uses clear plastic trays.

Methods to attain straight teeth

Self-Ligating Braces

Self-ligating braces may look like conventional metal braces, but they are less noticeable since they’re made of ceramic. Furthermore, instead of elastic bands, clips are used. Hence, it’s easier for patients to clean their teeth, unlike with metal braces. With no elastic bands, there are fewer dental appointments and less friction placed on the teeth. Moreover, since there are no elastic bands, the wire reduces the friction. Some discomforts are minimized, such as blisters, soreness, and pain. Self-ligating braces can help shorten treatment time by about six months, depending on the severity and type of misaligned teeth.

Ceramic Braces

Orthodontists now use several tools and dental appliances to reduce the cases of misaligned teeth cases. Ceramic braces, for one, can help you have straight teeth and beautiful smiles. They are less irritable to the gums and less noticeable. Ceramic braces can help patients feel more comfortable about themselves.

Lingual Braces

Lingual braces are a type of orthodontic treatment that involves attaching the brackets to the inner part of the teeth, making it less obvious. This is the characteristic of lingual braces that sets them apart from other orthodontic treatments. Lingual braces are more common in adults than in children because they look invisible, not interfering with work or job interviews. Another advantage of lingual braces is that they do not make it hard for people to play wind instruments.

Orthodontics has come a long way in the world of dentistry. It is an important part of every teen’s life. As early as their age, they can have straighter and more beautiful teeth.

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