A Complete Smile Makeover

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By looking at all aspects of an individual’s smile, dentists are able to provide their patients with a complete smile makeover. This will encompass preventive and restorative oral health care to ensure that their patient’s teeth and gums are strong and healthy, and cosmetic oral health care to allow a brilliantly white and straight set of teeth to show.

In addition to this, facial aesthetics is fast becoming another procedure available to patients, with dentists using only the best materials and putting their vast experience and training in the field of facial anatomy to good use.

One of the ways that a dentist is able to perfect a smile beyond their teeth and gums is with lip fillers Harley Street. This treatment uses hyaluronic fillers which is a naturally occurring substance to plump and smooth areas of a person’s face, creating contours that look natural and beautiful.

How does it all work?

woman getting lip filler

If a patient is interested in coming in for such a treatment, then they might be curious about the process that is undertaken to create more plump and luscious looking lips.

The initial step is to discuss their needs and wishes with their dentists so that both individuals are able to align their thoughts more clearly. This way, a patient is far more likely to achieve the look they are after and a dentist is able to talk their patient through the realities of the treatment and ensure that the overall result is a natural looking one.

The treatment itself is short and can be completed within a single sitting. A patient will firstly be administered a local anesthetic to numb the area that is to be injected with the hyaluronic acid.

The administration of this acid only takes a few minutes, but is precisely measured to ensure perfection. As results are immediate, a dentist is able to judge the right amount to place into and around their patient’s lips to achieve the right shape and size. One benefit of using their local dentist for this procedure is the fact that a patient is known by the professional, adding to their ability to ensure a natural looking end result.

After the fillers have been injected into the area that they are needed, the patient is free to go. Each filler will last between 6 to 12 months, however in high impact areas such as lips, they are known to wear away quicker than in other places, such as the cheeks.

It is recommended that patients seek follow up treatments to maintain their look, but this is not essential. An individual is free to do this treatment safely as little or as often as they please.

Should an individual have any questions or concerns surrounding this treatment, they are invited to discuss them with their dentist at their next convenience. Many find that this treatment is fast becoming routine and that the materials used have long been tested and proven to be safe.

This is a non-surgical option for people who are looking to perfect their smile and enjoy a more youthful appearance.

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