A Simple Guide to Maintaining Your Toddler’s Glimmering Teeth

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Smiling is humanity’s universal expression of happiness. However, it is not only the lips that are important in one’s smile —  the teeth matter as well. A good set of teeth is what makes someone look more pleasing. It is also a testament to their excellent hygiene. But what would you do if you are a parent of a toddler who still has no idea of teeth hygiene? Read on and learn some of the best ways to guide your toddler in maintaining their glimmering and brightest smile.

What Kills One’s Smile?

It is crucial to identify one of the leading causes of a “bad smile” — cavities caused by tooth decay. Tooth decay causes serious damage to teeth, and these commonly form due to plaque. Teeth plaque is formed by not brushing or thoroughly cleaning the teeth after eating sugar and starches. These sugars and starches help bacteria thrive in the teeth and eventually destroy the enamel.

How to Know If Tooth Decay Affects Your Toddler?

There are many visible signs a tooth is already decaying, or whether cavities have already formed. Some of these signs are as follows:

  • Teeth have either yellow, brown, or black markings, which are easily detectable;
  • Loss of the subsurface mineral of the teeth’s enamel as demonstrated with irregular white marks or spots;
  • Malformed teeth, including the feeling of rough texture;
  • Your child complains of pain in one of their teeth;
  • Recognizable swelling or reddening of the affected area; and,
  • Chipping of teeth and unexplained brittleness.

Once you have seen any of those telltale signs mentioned above, it may be essential to head out to the nearest pediatric dentist near you. But what is the hurry, you ask? Is it that urgent to go to the dentist?

Should You Urgently Go to the Pediatric Dentist?

kid having his teeth by a dentist

The answer is yes. To give you an idea, residents in Utah’s rural areas have been afflicted with otherwise preventable oral disease approximately 40 percent more times than those who live in the urban areas. The patients experience unbearable pain due to years of neglect. Apart from oral diseases, some even have developed complications over time.

Utah is home to thousands of dentists, and they are conveniently located in various cities, including Murray. Again, a pediatric dentist should be the professional you should look for because they specialize in teeth problems involving babies and toddlers.

What Happens If You Don’t Want to Have a Dentist See Your Child?

If you insist on not meeting a pediatric dentist, here are some of the things your poor child would experience:

  • Unbearable pain due to swelling;
  • Pus and possible infection in the affected tooth;
  • Chewing problems for your child;
  • Positioning issues that may affect the appearance of your child;
  • Potential contamination of several teeth near the initially affected tooth; and,
  • Teeth abscess, which may cause severe and life-threatening infections.

Proper dental hygiene should be established as early as possible. Many pediatric dentists advise parents to bring kids to their first visit to the dentist no later than their first birthday. Routine visits should be scheduled from then on. This way, your toddler can develop good dental care habits and keep a healthy smile.

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