A variety of treatments and procedures under one roof.

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When discovering which dental practice is best suited to you and your family, it may be that it was location-based or it may be that not only general dentistry was offered but a variety of other treatments and procedures could be carried out in house. Knowing the team, the processes and reducing time travelling to other practices can help put your mind at ease and ensure the smile gets the care it requires.

Below are just a couple of aspects of dentistry covered by Aura Dental.

General dentistry.

Having your family’s oral hygiene processes checked every 6 to 12 months can put the mind at ease and help reduce the possibility of dental problems further down the line. Whilst at home the 3 minute clean may seem sufficient enough, your dental team can advise on different techniques as well as the use of equipment such as sonic toothbrushes and dental floss. It may be that slight tweaks to your routine are needed but with guidance from your team you know you can steer towards the right track.

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Tooth Loss.

For those times when a tooth gets knocked out or falls out of its own accord, knowing that the dentist St John’s Wood can put your mind at ease. With expert knowledge on tooth replacement options such as dental implants, it can take a weight off the shoulders knowing that treatment is with people you know in a dental practice you are familiar with. The same day the tooth loss occurs, no matter the cause, it is important to contact your dental practice to secure an appointment for yourself. By acting early, the possibility of infection, further tooth loss or other dental problems reduces significantly ensuring there is less time spent at the dental practice.


In some cases, the tooth may not naturally come out on its own and tooth extraction may be needed. Whilst tying the tooth to a piece of string and slamming a door may sound like a fun way to extract the tooth, the easiest and safest method is to contact your dental team. This will ensure that the tooth is removed safely, with minimal discomfort and any possible infections can be addressed promptly to avoid as much discomfort further down the line as possible.

Air Flow Polish – a thorough clean.

Stains on the teeth, whether on the front or side of the tooth can be removed using a combination of pressure water, sodium carbonate and air. The dazzling smile you are after for that special event can be accomplished in just one session and any build-up of plaque can be effectively blasted away leaving a thoroughly clean mouth.

Therefore, whether you are looking for your day-to-day care or are seeking a variety of dental treatments or procedures it is essential to know that you are in safe hands and feel comfortable with your team. This is where keeping as many of your dental processes under the same roof can help with stability and effectiveness. Finding a dental practice that offers a variety of dental care options is therefore an excellent way to narrow down the dental team for you.

If looking for more than your average dentistry, please discuss with your dental team to discover how they can assist.

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