Athletic Mouthguards: Types and Uses

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Do you know that Brazilian jiu-jitsu is one of the safest martial arts in the world? Statistics show that less than 10 percent of individuals who practice Brazilian jiu-jitsu experience injuries during training. This is the lowest reported injury rate for any form of martial arts. However, due to difference in striking and grappling techniques, most common injuries affect regions above the neck. To prevent permanent damage to the oral cavity during spinal locks, the use of BJJ mouthguards has become a common safety technique among practitioners.

What Is a BJJ Mouthguard?

A BJJ mouthguard is an artificial device that is commonly used in sports or martial arts to decrease injuries to the oral cavity. It is a solid, slim, and sturdy device comprised of a material that is similar to rubber. Several components such as hard plastic, rubber, and silicone are used to maintain the strength of the device.

Mouthguards for Brazilian jiu-jitsu are altered based on an individual’s dentition. Some devices can be worn on both the upper and lower jaw, whereas others can shield the upper region, which is subject to a higher risk of pressure and tension.

What Are the Types of BJJ Mouthguards?


Athletic mouthguards can be classified into three types. The stock mouthguard, which is the most common type, is most often available in athletic department stores. It is comprised of ready-made material with varied thickness, width, and composition. It is considered the least popular type of mouthguard due to its unsteadiness upon exposure to trauma during high tension activities. However, this is beneficial for individuals who do not have time for a fitting of customized mouthguards.

The most frequently used type in Brazilian jiu-jitsu is the boil and bite mouthguard. It contains thermosoftening plastic, which is tailored according to your dentition. The size and shape of the mouthguard depends on the arrangement of your teeth. The mouthguard is comprised of an elastic, modifiable material that softens at a specific temperature and hardens upon cooling. Due to the delicate nature of the procedure, it is crucial to find a professional that creates personalized mouthguards to ensure an accurate fit.

Finally, custom-made mouthguards are specialized devices that are personally created by general dentists and orthodontists to protect your teeth. These are created based on the strength of your teeth, previous history of head trauma, and frequency of sporting injuries. Single-layer and multilayer mouthguards are available based on the type of contact sport to ensure maximum protection of your teeth.

How Do Mouthguards Protect You?

The use of mouthguards is a main protective gear in Brazilian jiu-jitsu training camps. Since BJJ is a sport that involves jaw strikes, the use of mouthguard reduces direct impact to the teeth, lips, and gums. It also promotes nasal breathing, which is crucial to the circulation of blood.

Mouthguards are special devices that ensure the safety of your teeth and tongue during Brazilian jiu-jitsu training and competitions. It is crucial to find the best mouthguard to provide maximum protection and prevent permanent oral cavity damage.

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