Can Physiotherapy Cure Your Muscle Ailments?

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Muscle sprain and strain can be caused by almost anything can result in tension in muscles. It’s mostly common amongst athletes as they force their bodies to do numerous reps to be in shape and maintain stamina. They are likely to injure themselves which causes rupture of muscles.

Muscle diseases can cause problems in walking and maintaining the balance of the body. It’s painful, and the patient needs support in carrying out basic day-to-day tasks. Physiotherapy is considered a great way to treat all muscle dystrophy. Muscle dystrophy is defined as a set of disorders that make the muscle weak and the body also loses its control.

Common muscle and neuromuscular problems with their causes

Muscle problems can be caused by something as simple as walking or running on an irregular surface. One can twist some parts unknowingly which causes painful sprains. Old People also suffer from muscles problems that develop with age.

Muscle problems are divided into three categories:

  • Basic levels in which fewer muscle fibers are torn.
  • Medium level in which numerous muscles are damaged. It’s painful, and parts also get swollen.
  • The third category is severe. In this case, the muscles are separated apart from each other. Huge loss of muscle fibers is there that causes severe pain.

The severity of muscle damage is dependent on the cause. Accidents are chief causes for the third category. People need to see a chiropractor for car accidents and go through full treatment.

On the other hand, many common muscular ailments also need special attention. Some of them are:

  • Fibromyalgia: It is a condition in which you observe pain in all parts of your body. As per researchers, it is caused due to rare chemicals in the brain which cause pain. Another reason may be due to genetics or infection in your body.
  • Muscle Cramp: An unexpected reflex action between one or more muscles can cause muscle cramps. Other reasons can be inadequate blood supply or dehydration.
  • Muscular Dystrophy: This mostly occurs in people above thirty years of age. The production of dystrophy (protein required for muscles) slows down weakens the body muscles. This disease can be caused due to family history(genetics).
  • Myositis: This disease causes swelling in the muscles. It can be caused due to autoimmune disease, any infection, or injury.
  • Multiple Sclerosis: It affects the central nervous system. It can be due to an infection, or it may be genetics.
  • Myasthenia Gravis: It can disrupt the connection between nerves and muscles. It is a neuromuscular disease that causes infirmity in the voluntary muscles as there is a lack of chemicals needed by the muscle.
  • Myopathy: It affects the muscles that help in the movement of the body. It’s mostly seen in females.

What’s physiotherapy and how does it help?

Physiotherapy is a form of therapy, given to those patients with a muscle injury, who experience difficulty in moving body parts. The therapy includes exercises and body massage. It boosts and restores strength and helps in maintaining health.

A physiotherapist is a health professional who has a detailed understanding of how muscle injury can be diagnosed, treated, and cured. Physiotherapists help patients with their techniques, massage, exercises, and medications in some cases.

One can visit a physiotherapist if you:

  • have posture issues
  • want to reduce muscle pain
  • want relief from the effects of the post-surgery process
  • want to fix body imbalance

Can physiotherapy cure muscle ailments?

physiotherapist checking alignment of spine of a patient

Muscle ailments are caused due to several reasons. Muscle strains are generally due to a sudden action that leads to excessive stretch in the muscle. The most affected areas are the back, hamstrings, etc.

In mild cases of muscle pain, physiotherapy can certainly help. In severe cases where muscles are torn, it might be best to visit a doctor. Although, many doctors recommend therapy on top of medication as it accelerates the recovery. The benefits of taking physiotherapy with medication are as follows:

  • Long-lasting relief from pain
  • Reduce post-surgery effects

Physiotherapy has an important role in curing muscle problems. In addition, it also helps in proper body postures, Improves joint pains, sprains, and wear and tear in muscles. There are several diseases associated with muscles. There are different reasons for the different diseases. But keeping proper care and if any problem prevails, consulting physiotherapists with proper medication can boost the recovery.

The conclusion can be drawn that physiotherapy is required in both mild and severe cases of muscle ailments. But it can’t cure muscle ailments on its own. It’s more than enough to fix tension in muscles or pain caused by over-exercising or sudden movement. Physiotherapy is effective but it works best with doctor’s consultation and medication.

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