Clear braces for socially active teens

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Due to having access to social media, teens are maturing faster and seemingly at a much younger age than ever before and this is something that previous generations (even the millennials) did not experience. They now have a far greater insight into adult lives and experiences and they may feel like they’re missing out. It has become less acceptable among teens to be seen in a set of traditional braces when there are other options available to them because personal image has become so important to the younger generation. With clear braces Sydney, the options for invisible orthodontics allow young people to build their image in a way they are more comfortable with which is in favour of facing the embarrassment of the unsightly train tracks.

Social media and teens

97% of teenagers are on social media so it is no small wonder that a good personal image has become highly important to what is called Gen-Z. It used to be the only picture a teen needed to worry about was the dreaded yearly school photo that everyone would eventually see but now a bad pic could mean a week’s worth of teasing and memes going around the school, or worse still, a case of bullying spreading through everyone’s mobile devices in a matter of minutes. What hasn’t changed is that adolescence is difficult but the pressure that teens seem to fall under now has never been higher so if straightening teeth with clear braces is a viable option, then why not make their lives that much easier?

Orthodontic treatment is easier when young

It’s a medical fact that the bones of a young teen are still growing and are therefore relatively soft in comparison to an adult’s and making adjustments to their bite and teeth is easier and more straightforward. Any hereditary malocclusions and/or crooked smiles can be corrected by clear braces in these adolescent years as well as any malformations that may have occurred due to injury or bad habits in formative years.

The treatment

Dental treatment

A fixed clear brace, or ceramic brace, will offer a teenager more confidence while still resulting in nicely aligned teeth, these braces can fix bite issues, or crowding, or gaps, without being obvious. Clear or tooth-coloured brackets and wires are fitted to the front of the teeth and are hard to detect for the entire length of the procedure, they are adjusted by the dentist over a period of time as needed, these adjustments will be made every month or two as the position of the teeth begin to change and a winning smile can be expected at the end of it all. After the braces are removed a retainer will be made to maintain the new position of the teeth.

Alternatively, removable and invisible aligners such as Invisalign are also known as clear braces due to the fact that they are made from clear plastic but they are not secured to the teeth like clear braces but rather sit snugly over them in the shape of a transparent guard.

Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.

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