Could reliable solicitors in Portsmouth help relieve your legal pressures?

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A guiding hand

When dealing with any legal matter, one of the hardest aspects is knowing when to call upon the aid of your solicitors in Portsmouth.

Whatever life throws at us, there are often times when legal guidance and support must be called upon – such as dealing with marital problems like divorces and separations, or managing your loved ones legal affairs after their passing.

There are literally countless scenarios in which a solicitor can be of great use and the best solicitors out there will be able to offer you support and guidance – whatever the situation. Legal support and aid is a fundamental right and something which everyone is entitled to in order to be properly and fairly represented when handling matters of the law.

What can a solicitor do for me?

As mentioned, the role of solicitor varies greatly depending on the case that they take on, as well as the specific field of law in which they specialise in.

For example, any issues which can arise through separation or divorces – such as child custody, or the distribution of shared wealth or assets – would be the role of a family solicitor.

This branch of law requires a specialised approach, as they are often dealing with two parties who are not on the best of terms and therefore have to work on behalf of their client to make sure they are adequately and fairly compensated and represented.


On the other hand, in instances where a company wishes to be listed on the stock exchange or one company wishes to merge with another, an entirely different approach is called for.

This is done through corporate lawyers, whose primary focus is on the arrangement of an amicable agreement or settlement between two or more corporate bodies. As you can imagine, this is a starkly different branch of law than that of a family solicitor.

In cases where you have committed, or been accused of a crime, you would typically call upon a criminal solicitor to ensure that your rights are protected and that you are fairly and properly represented.

What can a criminal solicitor do?

It is the role of a criminal lawyer to either prosecute or defend a client when they have been accused of a criminal act. If you have been called into a police station for questioning, it is your legal right to have a criminal solicitor present, to ensure that you are treated fairly and your rights are upheld.

Your criminal solicitor may also provide you with advice and counsel towards an agreeable solution and review any of the relevant documentation which may help further the case – such as witness statements, police and medical reports and any relevant forensic information.

If your case progresses to the courtroom, it is also the duty of your criminal solicitor to make sure that your case is equally and fairly presented before a judge, as well as making a compelling case which best represents your aims and interests.

If you are in any legal difficulty whatsoever, no matter how small it may seem, it is vital that you contact your solicitor when you are able to do so. In doing such you can rest assured that your legal rights will be protected and that you have someone in your corner you can rely on.

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