Healthy Food Delivery Tips for Children

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All parents know the impact of unhealthy dietary habits on the growth and development of their children. For most working parents in Singapore, however, there is barely time to whip up a healthy meal for their kids. As such, most of them opt for food delivery services. Food delivery has unfortunately had a bad rap owing to the high fat and carbohydrate content, which is responsible for a range of lifestyle diseases even in children.

There is, however, a healthy and convenient solution for your children’s meals in Tingkat delivery for different regions of Singapore. Unlike most food deliveries, a Tingkat service, named after its tiered food container, allows you to order different kinds of food, including soup. These containers are made of stainless steel. They are recyclable, easy to clean, and can be used as eating bowls. There are different healthy meal options a Tingkat delivery service will provide for your children. Here are tidbits on what to order for different age groups:

6-12 Months

These children are being weaned off exclusive breastfeeding and have increased developmental and nutritional needs. The best types of food at this age are those with high zinc and iron content, including legumes, poultry dishes, and pureed meat. Honey, sugar, and salt are unnecessary for six- to 12-month-olds. Opt for whole fruit rather than sugar-sweetened drinks and juices.

1-5 Years

Little girl showing thumbs up while eatingAt this age, most kids start attending daycare facilities and preschool. There is still no need for the addition of sugar and salt in your child’s food; though if need be, you can keep it at less than 3 grams a day. Your child’s appetite at this stage has also started growing. Hence, his or her food portions should increase based on the activity level. Meal plans containing all food groups are essential, but this is primarily dependent on the child’s weight gain.

6-10 Years

Children in this age group are generally fussy eaters. In case you realise that your child does not like a particular type of food, substitute it with another option from the same food group rather than negating it altogether. Other than a balanced diet, include healthy snacks such as low-fat yogurt, fresh veggies and fruits, and nuts in their delivered food.

Pre-Teenage Years

This group includes kids between the ages of 10 to 14. Extra energy is essential at this stage, and healthy carbs other than those delivering ‘empty calories’ are crucial. Some nutrient-dense food that you can get for your child includes fish, lean meat, legumes, and whole grain food. A boosted calcium intake from yogurt, cheese, and milk is also essential for strong bone development.

The above guidelines make it possible to get healthy meals for your kids without the hassle of dirty dishes, minimal time, and complicated recipes. Not all meal deliveries, therefore, are unhealthy options renowned for their contribution to heart disease, obesity, and diabetes in children. The key to healthy meal deliveries lies in getting a good food delivery service. This is one that not only uses healthy food preparation but also packages the food well to guarantee that it gets to your house in optimal condition.

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