How the dentist could be the solution to snoring

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Snoring might appear to be a trivial issue, but it can have a big impact on the individual and their relationship with a partner. It can be a symptom of other areas that need to be addressed; and can have a much bigger impact on the quality of sleep than people might realise. If snoring is an ongoing issue, getting medical attention is important to establish why this is happening.

To find out why snoring is occurring, visiting the GP is the most obvious course of action. However, people whose snoring is caused by sleep apnoea can get treatment from a good dentist.

Sleep apnoea

Many people snore because they have a condition called obstructive sleep apnoea. When this is the case, tissues within the neck behave abnormally when a person is asleep – and this causes them to wake up abruptly and usually with a loud snore.

This happens several times throughout the night; and the sufferer is not usually aware of these incidences. Instead, they wake up feeling exhausted. The longer this goes on, the more sleep deprived a person can get; and this can have a knock-on effect in several areas of their health and mental well being.


People who think that they may have sleep apnoea should first see their GP. If the doctor diagnoses the condition, it may be that their dentist is the most appropriate professional for treatment.

They can make an assessment of the mouth and jaw in particular, and create a bespoke solution. This is done by making a mouth guard that is tailored to the individual; and which holds the lower jaw in such a position that it prevents episodes of sleep apnoea during the night.

The result of wearing the tailor made mouth guard is usually that the patient finally feels rested after a night’s sleep; and their partner is no longer woken up by frequent episodes of snoring. The difference that this can make to people’s lives is not to be underestimated.

Is it ok to buy a mouth guard instead of going to the dentist?

sleep apnoea

It is possible to buy mouth guards that are used for the treatment of snoring online and in shops. However, because they are just a general shape and size; it is unlikely that they will fit the mouth as they should. For this reason, mouth guards purchased from shops will be much less likely to have any impact on a person’s snoring – and they could even cause discomfort.

A good dentist uses moulds to get an impression of a person’s mouth so that they can make sure the mouth guard is a perfect fit; and would also be able to take a measured approach that considers any other issues the patient might have regarding their oral health.

For anyone that has noticed snoring has become a regular issue, seeking help is important. If it is not treated, it my and can have a whole host of other effects on a person’s health and relationships.

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