Implant Technology: Why It Matters to Patients

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There are numerous treatment alternatives nowadays for a range of dental issues. Dental implants are among the renowned types of indirect dental restorations. They are classified as such since they are fabricated outside the mouth. Implants are appliances which are surgically fixed on a patient’s jawbone. The implant is at times used for the support of a dental crown, dentures, or bridges to restore missing tooth/teeth.

Unlike other dental restoration appliances, the placement of dental implants in South Jordan will maintain the structure of your jawbone. This is because the chewing forces on the implant will be transmitted to the bone on which it is placed, thus stimulating the natural process of jawbone renewal. This will preserve a patient’s facial contours. The following are the dental treatments for which dental implants will be the appliance of choice.

Single Tooth Replacement

Many people lose their permanent teeth daily due to trauma, serious fractures, and severe tooth decay. Dental implants will suffice in these cases as they will be used as replacements for your lost tooth. Over time, the implant will integrate with the jawbone at its placement site, thus forming an extremely strong tooth replacement. After the implant’s placement, your dentist might use a crown to cover it so that it functions and looks like natural teeth, allowing you to eat and smile as usual.

Implant-Supported Bridges

 woman with new dental implantsThese are used as permanent replacements for multiple lost teeth. In the past, bridges were the leading solution for multiple missing teeth. These however put too much pressure on the teeth next to the gap since a prosthetic was attached to them to ground the bridges. Implant-supported bridges will be firmly held in place using the implants rather than prostheses on adjacent teeth. This alleviates damage to the teeth surrounding the site of multiple tooth loss. The jawbone growth stimulation caused by implants will also boost the jawbone integrity for the support of the other teeth.

Full-Arch Replacements

Some people might lose an entire curve of teeth due to trauma and in rare cases, tooth decay. In this case, the cost-efficient solution for the restoration of a normal oral function is the placement of dental implants. The dentist can use even four implants to support the placement of an entire customized arch of replacement teeth. The implants are incredibly stable, meaning there is no risk of your replacement teeth falling off when you speak or eat.

Orthodontic Anchorage Devices

If you have crooked or gapped teeth, your dental implant can be used as the anchorage device for the placement of braces to correct misaligned teeth. Due to the sheer strength of implants compared to natural teeth, the braces will move your teeth faster than they would when anchored to natural teeth. This way, you can replace your missing tooth and straighten others.

Dentists continue to come up with innovative ways of using dental implants to boost oral health. As such, you should not dismiss dental implants as the solution for your oral health issue if none of the above treatments applies to you. Get a dentist to assess your condition and advise you accordingly.

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