Invisalign: Is It Worth it?

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For teens and even young adults, it is awkward to walk around wearing dental braces. However, these are important, and the sooner they have sorted out their teeth alignment issues the better. Now, if you are one of the many adults who forgone fixing your teeth when you were younger, it’s almost impossible for you to go to your dentist and ask for braces.

If it was awkward when you were younger, you’d feel more ashamed now that you are an adult. Surely you wouldn’t want to go to work or even social functions wearing those in your teeth.

Fortunately, there’s Invisalign. As the name suggests, it corrects the alignment of your teeth while staying hidden or discreet, to a point where it is barely noticeable. Some would say this is only for vanity, as most of the marketing campaigns for the brands target those who are conscious of their looks and wouldn’t be caught dead with dental braces. However, ask any Invisalign dentist in Redwood City and you will get the same answers: Invisalign has a lot more benefits aside from aesthetics.

Read on to learn more about them and see if what it offers works for you now.

Added Protection from Aligners

Wearing Invisalign aligners has an undeniable benefit: it works as a protective gear that you can use daily. You have a mouth guard of sorts that you never need to take off for short periods. Invisalign protects your teeth from sleep grinding, which you may or may not be aware of. Even during simple sporting activities like biking or lifting weights, your Invisalign doubles as a protective gear, should anything bad happen. Clearly, these aligners are not just for show and have some practical protective functions whenever you use them.

Makes Your Dentist Happy

No, this is not about the higher cost of the Invisalign compared to braces. It is more on the need for frequent dental cleanings. You see, wearing Invisalign lessens your dental cleanings, and it’s more efficient for your dentist to do so. Proper alignment of your teeth makes for easy cleaning and allows you to do it better yourself. Indeed, Invisalign is a great investment that pays for itself as the days go by. Imagine how much you’ll save by cutting down your dentist appointments just for dental cleanings alone.

Talk Better with Good Teeth

One of the aims of having an Invisalign is to improve your speech and pronunciation. You will definitely notice improvements in your speech. By correcting the position of your front teeth, you can many speech impediments. You can even fine-tune your speaking voice and eliminate lisp or other difficult to pronounce words.

It’s never too late to have a good set of teeth, even if that means wearing an aligner or protector whenever you can. Try to bear in mind the above-mentioned tips. Which you can still consider before making a decision. Invisalign is a great investment, especially if you’re already past your teens and early adulthood stages.

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