Modern Methods to Treat Mental Disorders

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It is only recently that people have begun to be more vocal and aware of mental disorders. Centuries ago, cruel methods were used by medical workers to treat such diseases. For example, trephination was used a few thousand years ago to treat mental diseases. Trephination involves removing a part of the skull using a small saw to treat common headaches, mental illnesses, and alleged demonic possessions. A few centuries ago, asylums and lobotomy procedures were used by doctors to isolate and give therapy to those deranged by unseen illnesses. Ironically, lobotomy won a Nobel Prize in Physiology and Medicine in 1949 despite how cruel the method can be.

Thankfully, modern medicine has given answers to such disorders. While most of the mind’s illnesses remain incurable, some of the symptoms can be abated through certain treatments. The medical community still thrives on answering perplexing questions and issues regarding the science of the mind. While we have leads on a majority of the problems, issues remain. Questions like nature or nurture are still the subject of debate for many scientists and doctors worldwide. Truly, the mind remains a perplexing creation of millions of years of evolution. There is no telling what direction psychological treatment will go in the next few decades as more things about the mind are unraveled every day.

We give more priority to what we have. Modern methods to treat certain disorders are slowly being accepted in medical societies around the world. Because of the conservative nature of some nations, progress is slow. However, hope remains for some modern treatments to reach their intended patients before it’s too late.

There are two main methods to treat mental disorders in the medical: psychotherapy and medication. However, there are some breakthroughs in order methods as well.


Psychotherapy involves the assessment of the overall mental health of the patient. Through a series of tests, all aspects of behavior, temperament, thought processes, and emotional barriers are broken down and studied. This exploration seeks to have a holistic approach to treatment — which may involve frequent one-on-ones with your therapist. Psychotherapy has the goal to eliminate or control the symptoms to function well in society. It is known to have high success rates for those cooperative with the program.

Medicinal Treatment

Some illnesses are so severe that their symptoms show that doctors opt to go the other route: through a medical prescription. By prescribing some antipsychotics, patients are alleviated of the symptoms they experience. Antidepressants are one of the most prescribed medicines in the psychology world. Because of the alarming rate of depressed persons worldwide, some medical groups are calling for the declaration of mental illnesses as a global pandemic. These medicines play a vital role in keeping some potentially fatal symptoms away. Much like cholesterol medication, most have to live with the antipsychotics for as long as they live.

Support Groups

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As an alternative, some people opt for support groups instead of paying for psychotherapists or psychiatrists. Support groups are prevalent in most populated communities. Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous, and Sexual Abuse Support Groups are famous for the anonymity they offer. Often purely voluntary, these support groups encourage people to vent and see how other people cope with their personal problems. Most former alcoholics claim that Alcoholics Anonymous or AA is the best treatment to stop drinking. The effect these support groups have cannot be understated. They are a cheap alternative for those who are seeking help.

Alternative Treatment

While most ancient techniques and methods are absolutely archaic and barbaric, some treatments still hold up. While not considered a direct cure to the symptoms of mental illnesses, most doctors will swear by the effectiveness of mindfulness and meditation in treating some mental disorders. Anxiety and depression are wonderful targets for those who meditate. It is claimed that patients with anxiety attacks and/or depressive episodes are lessened when treatment is accompanied by meditation. Meditation has its roots in different ancient civilizations around the world. Through the process of being mindful, some of the greatest human realizations came to be. Nowadays, in the hustle and bustle of the modern world, meditation is the key to unlocking the next level of mentality. Through meditation, the self is cured.

The treatment of the mind and its illnesses is one of the most overlooked conditions in human history. Thankfully, such matters are now more openly discussed and accepted by most communities. Hopefully, like other diseases, mental illnesses can be treated and eventually cured.

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