Oral Check-ups Are A Good Long-term Investment For Your Health

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Far too few people realise how poor oral health can compromise the quality of life one leads until an issue results in pain or discomfort or embarrassment – or all three. It is thus concerning that many Australians neglect their dental health because of the costs associated with dental care.

According to official figures published by the Australian Institute for Health and Welfare, 50 per cent of adults who are not covered by dental care health insurance avoid the dental chair because of cost. The cost of dental care is also a factor for 25 per cent of the 12.3 million who do have the required insurance cover who also avoid seeking treatment, because of possible out-of-pocket fees.

Why it is never a good idea to ignore oral health

For whatever reason, avoiding dental care is risky and not recommended by dental experts. In fact, the Australian Dental Association (ADA) advises that a routine dental check should be performed by a professional dentist Coorparoo every six to 12 months (high-risk patients should make more frequent visits).

dental check up

During these appointments, a dental practitioner will examine teeth, lips, cheeks, and gums for any red flags that point to an oral health issue (cavities, tooth decay, gum infections). Also on the checklist is to look out for signs of tooth wear, as well as tooth alignment and bite issues.

Ignoring check-ups raises the likelihood of major dental work needed down the line. People lose their adult teeth later in life due to not receiving proper dental care to fix problems in the early stages. The cost of replacing adult teeth with a prosthetic device far exceeds the cost of a dental check-up and professional dental cleaning.

Good oral health protects overall health. When teeth and gums are plaque-free there is less chance of bad bacteria escaping the mouth and entering the bloodstream. Bad oral bacteria are known to reach vital organs such as the heart and lungs where they can trigger illness and infections. Reduce the chance of suffering a heart attack or developing life-reducing diabetes with routine oral health checks.

Besides the physical body, good oral health protects mental and emotional health too. To keep one’s confidence, to win at forming relationships (be it at work or one’s social life), one needs to keep one’s smile looking pretty, which is only possible with investment in dental care for the long term.

Regular dental check-ups pick up problems early on which is a great money-saver. Treating minor dental issues early invariably saves people from having to fork out huge sums to fix major complex problems (minor issues always translate into major issues given time).

It is always helpful to know just why one needs good oral health in order to be proactive about achieving it. There is less likelihood of keeping one’s adult teeth into one’s old age unless one invests in good professional dental care early in life. Thinking of scheduling a consultation with a dental practitioner?

Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.

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