Planning for A Romantic Date: New Things You Can Do With Your Special Someone

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Some perfect dates are like this: A movie night at home with endless cuddles. But if you two can already recite the opening lines of your favorite movie, maybe it is time to switch up your dates a bit?

Whether it is your anniversary, making up for your lost time, or you just want to take out your boo for a great date, these date ideas will help reignite that fire in your relationship.

Ready the dress or the hike boots, and your makeup (book that appointment in with your esthetician in Utah ahead), because you will be having a day to remember with your special one in the Beehive State.

Enjoy The Market

Set an early alarm for Saturday and head out to Pioneer Park to check out the farmer’s market. There is a variety of fresh vegetables and fruits that you may cook for a hearty lunch at home. You can also set up a picnic right there and enjoy a serenade from a local band.

Take It Outdoors

Utah is home to at least five national parks. Sure, you may have seen these when you were a kid with the family, but you can always make new experiences and memories with your partner.

There are also plenty of places for hiking and camping. Throw in a romantic night for stargazing too.

You can also relieve your stress by being like kids again and enjoying a day at an adventure park.

A Feast for The Eyes and Mind

Feed your souls with visual art. Drop by Brigham Young University and Utah Valley University that host art exhibits. You can check out award-winning photos or take a stroll at sculpture gardens.

A Day with Fur Friends

Sure, you may have been to the zoo when you were in school, but visiting the Hogle Zoo with your partner can just be a way to learn more about each other. You can exchange funny childhood memories while touring the zoo.

Make sure to wear comfortable shoes because this zoo is home to over 800 animals. There are bird shows to catch, and animal feeding to try too.

Check out The Latest at Broadway

Take out your dusty heels and leather shoes because the Capitol Theater calls for you two to suit up.

Switch the romantic dinner up a notch by watching a beautiful ballet piece or soaking in great music at the opera. You can also enjoy a serenade by going to Utah’s Symphony.

You two will surely love to see each other all dolled up for a change.

Movies Still, but Outside The Living Room

people in cinema

Movie nights are always a good idea, but you can try switching up the venue but opting for drive-in theater at the Redwood instead. Pack up your favorite snacks and bring in a blanket.

If movies are always your go-to plan, then planning to catch a film screening at the Sundance Film Festival is a must. Take advantage of the festive atmosphere with film enthusiasts flocking to Utah and take in the sights, because celebrities may be wandering around the city too.

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