Pointers for Saving Your Marriage

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There are a lot of stigmas behind the idea of counseling. Most people think that by undergoing marriage counseling, they’re admitting that the relationship is going sour. That there are big problems, things that only the advice of a second party can solve. That is wrong.

Marriage counseling isn’t just about the solving problems between you and your spouse. It’s about deepening your connection with one another and helping you understand the other’s point of view. It’s about tackling any problems that arise, in whatever shape or form they manifest in.

There is no shame in going to  counseling. Studies have shown that almost 50% of couples have attended some form of advice. Plenty of couples in Colorado, from Broomfield to Thornton, have sought help on their marriage problems.


There are many reasons people go to marriage counseling. A lot of them stem from problems they feel they cannot bring up with their spouse.

Communication problems form the heart of many issues. There is an inherent shyness still present even after long years of marriage. Some couples find it challenging to be completely open with their spouse. When this happens, it leads to an environment of constant frustration and misunderstanding, where one, or both, feel unimportant, undeserving of attention, and unheard. If there are communication issues with your spouse, marriage counseling can help solve them.

Unhappiness is also another common issue. This usually stems from problems like money or stress, but it can come from other things. An unhappy spouse causes a lot of friction in the relationship. It makes it difficult to talk to them, especially if they shut you out.

Problems like family-related drama also significantly heighten the tension in the relationship. Extra-marital affairs are dangerous to the relationship. Unhappy in-laws can drive a massive wedge between a happy marriage, forcing them to pick between their parents or their spouse. These problems are not as easily solved and require a great deal of patience and understanding from both parties.


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These issues are not easy to fix, but small steps in the right direction can go a long way. Even little things help a great deal in making your spouse feel secure and wanted.

Be appreciative of their presence. Show your love when you’re around them, and be mindful of your words and your actions. Sometimes, it’s not just about them knowing you care for them. It’s about being able to show it too.

Remember that honesty goes a long way. If something is making you unhappy, talk to them about it. Don’t let it stew. It’s better to solve issues before they worsen. Tackle these problems together as a couple. Strengthen your mutual bond by facing these problems head-on.

In the end, your marriage is all about how you interact with your spouse. While it’s unavoidable that problems arise, there’s a reason why you married them. If you think the marriage is worth saving, then communication must begin. It’s only then when both of you have come to terms with each other, can your relationship recover. Save your marriage. Call a marriage counselor.

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