Reasons to Use Electric Wheelchairs

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Immobility controls your lives and daily activities. Fortunately, there are canes, crutches, and manual wheelchairs that can somehow ease your suffering. But if you want to regain your independence, an electric wheelchair can make it possible. It provides comfort as you move around without assistance. Find out the prices of electric wheelchairs first before deciding to buy one. Here are some advantages of electric wheelchairs:

1. Electric wheelchairs have electric motors.

One outstanding feature of electric wheelchairs is that they are powered by electricity. They do not require upper body strength to move around, which a manual wheel requires. By simply using a joystick, the user can move in any direction with ease.

2. Independence is regained back.

Electric wheelchairs help the user move with no assistance. Although they are mostly controlled by the hands, tetraplegic people or those who have partial or total loss of sensation in the four limbs and torso can also benefit from it. They can use their mouth or any body part to run the wheelchair without help from anybody. Hence, the user regains back their independence.

3. Electric wheelchairs are easy to maneuver.

With manual wheelchairs, you have to move the wheels yourself. On the contrary, electric wheelchairs are easy to operate. The user can direct an electric wheelchair through narrow spaces or small areas in the house. Furthermore, it also allows for easy navigation outdoors. With electric wheelchairs, the patient is not just confined indoors but can also explore the outside world.

4. Electric wheelchairs are safe to use.

man using an electric wheelchair

The user is held securely in the chair, which lessens the risk of falls or accidents. In addition, the seat is padded and adjustable for comfort and support. Other features include a wheelchair lift for optimum strength and convenience.

5. Electric wheelchairs provide superior support.

Since most users have lost their sensory and motor skills, electric wheelchairs are designed for their maximum ease and comfort. All the parts are made highly adjustable to make the best fit for every user so as not to cause inconvenience to the head, arms, and legs. The seat belt is adjustable and the rear handles are soft. In addition, the seat can be reclined or adjusted to a height comfortable to the user. Furthermore, the backrest is made breathable to reduce moisture buildup.

6. Electric wheelchairs are child-friendly.

Since children have less core arm and upper body strength, there are electric wheelchairs that are specifically created for the age group above eight years. These wheelchairs allow them to move around and sit comfortably without straining their upper limbs.

7. Electric wheelchairs allow outdoor exploring.

It is difficult to navigate rough terrain or a high slope using a manual wheelchair. The risk of rolling backwards is high, and maintaining body strength is a struggle. On the other hand, electric wheelchairs have an electric motor that provides you with smoother mobility. It helps you go through hilly terrain and endure any kind of hurdle while on a difficult slope.

8. Electric wheelchairs can be customized.

Electric wheelchairs can be built according to individual specifications and requirements. There are custom-made power wheelchairs for all ages and sizes. You can check the websites of wheelchair companies to find the best deal. The price may range from $2,000 to $30,000 depending on the complexity and sophistication of the model.

Electric wheelchairs provide convenient mobility. Hence, they are certainly more advantageous than manual ones. They might be costly because of their special features, but the benefits and functionality are worth it.

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