The Quest for Perfection: The Top Cosmetic Surgery Trends for 2019

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Every year, there has been an increase in the number of people undergoing cosmetic surgery procedures. Records reveal that every year, almost two million surgical procedures are happening in the United States.

In addition, the last decade also saw an increase in the number of cosmetic surgeries by a whopping ninety-eight percent. These numbers are even more impressive, considering the fact that the majority of these were paid for by the patients and not their insurance companies.

Also, these procedures are no longer exclusive to women and celebrities. Men have also contributed tremendously to the popularity of cosmetic surgery in Salt Lake City, as they’re responsible for over one hundred fifty thousand procedures that take place every year.

It has also been found that minorities are more likely to undergo the knife; almost a quarter of those that have been surveyed indicated that they’re non-Caucasians.

Quick, Lunchtime Procedures

Lasers, injectables, and skin resurfacing are quick, minimally invasive aesthetic procedures that have been gaining popularity due to their immediate results that are highly noticeable and relatively reasonable prices. They also heal easily and are subtle, making them an even more desirable choice.

Botox and fillers, two of the most popular forms of injectables, have become extremely mainstream as well. In 2018, four-fifths of all the procedures performed by plastic surgeons specializing on the face were cosmetic, non-surgical treatments.

Tweak Instead of Treat

Overfilled lips, disproportionate breast enhancement procedures, and other overly unnatural cosmetic surgeries are now losing the interests of many. Nowadays, more people prefer treatments that are no longer too noticeable.

What they want is to keep the general structure of their faces and inherited family traits but with a few subtle enhancements. In simple terms, patients just now want to look like a better version of themselves and not an entirely unrecognizable person.

Body Fat-Shaping

belly fat surgery

Many plastic surgeons are expecting body contouring to soar. EmSculpt, for example, is the first and only noninvasive muscle and body fat-shaping treatment that has recently been introduced in the US.

By using magnetic fields, the body’s muscle contractions are activated in order to build muscle and get rid of excess fat. The body fats respond to the contractions’ metabolic reaction by breaking down, and this results in a “work out.” This procedure is known to be painless and offers impressive results.

A More Inclusive Approach

Things have improved over the years. However, there is still a social stigma, albeit at a much smaller scale now, related to “getting something done.”

That’s why many people, especially men, prefer procedures that allow them to get back to their normal routine as soon as possible and don’t want to undergo some downtime that other procedures may have. The number of men that are getting these kinds of treatments are increasing every year, with many hoping to achieve more classically masculine features.

As technology continues to improve every year, we’ll definitely get to see more types of procedures that offer maximum results with as little downtime as possible. Before settling on any treatment, do thorough research first.

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