Latest Trends in Cosmetic Technology Decoded

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Beauty brands and companies are redefining their offerings and treatments based on the latest technology trends. Many such new modalities were in the pipeline from the pre-pandemic era itself. And, now they are present in front of you in full swing. Brands have shifted their gaze to digital customers today.

You will find the using everything from AI to AR and VR to address skin and wellness issues. The market has already started facing stiff and fierce competition today. And it is supposed to improve the beauty game altogether. Today’s consumers are more demanding, so the technology is trying to keep up with changing demands.

Read about the latest trends in cosmetology here.

AI in Digital Diagnosis

This is the first thing that you will come across various stores today. Big cosmetic giants have changed the face of beauty retail through AI-powered technology. Now, you will get sophisticated diagnostic tools and a personalized approach to address individual beauty problems. AI Diagnostics utilizes machine learning to analyze skin and hair metrics, like dryness and oiliness. It helps the beauty giants to suggest the perfect skincare regimen. Now, you can use this tool on various platforms, ranging from WeChat to stores. Artificial Intelligence has entered the skincare domain and hair-care domain along with cosmetics.

Now, you can take a picture of your face and scan shades of various color cosmetics to check which one matches your personality. Multiple companies like Loreal and Sephora have incorporated these tools today. Even if you have to buy nail paint, the color of your hand is taken into account to suggest a shade.

Aesthetic Cosmetology

If you don’t want to rely on salons and spas for your beauty fixes, try out the aesthetic cosmetology therapies. These will give you instant fixes while you just blink. Juvederm fillers are an example of non-invasive treatments conducted in medical settings. You must know about a few scientific facts before reading on. The skin comprises resources of Hyaluronic acids and collagen.

Additionally, this injection contains just that. Hyaluronic acid is naturally present in the skin cells. So, if you take these, there will be no allergy or adverse reactions. It enhances the skin quality and delivers fullness to the lips.

Other options in this category include Botox and laser treatments. Medi facials like Hydra facial are one such treatment that is a great remedy for acne-prone skin. You can avail yourself of these state-of-the-art treatments at clinics run by dermatologists. Other treatments that you can avail of as a lunch-time procedure include thread lifts and chemical peels. So, these are much more than what your DIYs or salon treatments can give you in one or two sittings. These are daycare procedures that do not require rest or any downtime.

Non-invasive Skin Research Technology

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Scientists and researchers in the beauty industry have shown a rising interest in wearables that can capture signals from the skin. These tools aim to study the skin while being in the closest contact. You will also come across contact lenses that can monitor your health now. Sweat sensors and tattoo sensors can now give a measure of your sodium and potassium reserves as well. The tattoos come with color change sensors that change color according to the volatiles released from the skin.

These indicate epidermal hydration and other conditions. It encompasses the skin microbiome. The area is of huge interest to researchers, and more work is underway. Cosmetics giants are looking into the area to develop microbiome-based solutions for skin, hair, intimate areas, and oral care. There is a deeper focus on the ingredients and how each one will affect a particular person.

Digital Bedding Technology

This is another result of ongoing research in the cosmetology arena. The bedsheets are now infused with chemicals that help smoothen out the skin. Copper ions are being infused into fabrics for bedding and pillows to minimize fine lines and wrinkles. The copper ions are supposed to interact with the skin’s moisture reserves and deliver hydration. They are also aiding in collagen formation. This gives a new meaning to what we call ‘sleeping beauty.’ More research on copper peptides is underway today. These are polypeptides that have a natural ability to induce more collagen and elastin to the skin.

Printed or 3D Makeup Technology

Now, you can see robots creating makeup for you. This year, P&G has just released their makeup printer which has a wand as a tool. The tool scans the skin for imperfections and applies the desired makeup. It comes with an in-built camera, a microprocessor, and a micro makeup printer. 3D makeup will also start good, with Zoom meets becoming a norm. Instant filters are going to be a sure hit.

These are a few of the latest trends in cosmetology that are all set to revolutionize the world. So, keep your fingers crossed for the best.

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