Understanding Foot Pain: The Basics

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woman sitting in the couch, suffering pain in her feetNo body part is as overworked and under-appreciated as the foot. Think about it: every day, you take over 8,000 steps. In a lifetime, the steps you take make for four trips around the world. The foot is a lowly body part, but its design supports the way you walk, for example. Did you know that foot bones form 25% of all bones in the body? There are 26 bones in the foot that only harden after 21.

For a part that seems as important, why do many people only pay attention to it when looking for physiotherapy in Singapore? A lot of people experience foot pain. It can be defined as any ache on the arches, toes, soles, or heels. The pain can be anywhere, from severe to mild, lasting for a short period or a lifetime. Dealing with such pain needs knowledge. The following is everything you need to know about it:


The causes of pain can be divided into two. First is your lifestyle choices. Are you wearing shoes without a good fit? How about high-heels? Footwear that exerts pressure on toes, for example, will bring the pain. Another choice that you make is to participate in sporting activities such as running which, in the process, get you injured. Second is that foot pain can be a result of underlying medical issues. For instance, someone with arthritis can have pain. Diabetes may also cause foot disorders, exposing the person to foot nerve damage, sores or ulcers, or clogged arteries. People who are pregnant, overweight, or obese are also likely to have foot pain. Finally, foot pain can follow after warts, corns, ingrown toenails, calluses and bunions, athlete’s foot, fallen arches, and hammer toes.

Easing Foot Pain

When you begin to experience foot pain, the wisest thing to do is to see a doctor. However, sometimes it is not possible to do so quickly. In such a case, ice might ease the pain. You can also rely on foot pads so that the shoes do not rub on the area, which escalates the pain. Be sure to rest enough.

At the Doctor’s

patient having his foot checked by a doctor

People who have active lifestyles may get foot pain often and soon learn to manage pain. Make sure to always see a professional if the pain is severe, if an injury is recent, or if you have a medical issue that affects blood flow. If the foot gets inflamed and you get a fever, you should also see a doctor. During the appointment, your doctor will look at your posture. They might examine your back, in addition to the feet and legs. Be ready to provide detailed information. Sometimes they may order X-rays. The doctor treats you based on the cause. Some people get medication and surgery, while others need physiotherapy.

Some people may experience foot pain all their lives. Your doctor will recommend a way forward, but make sure to always wear comfortable shoes. Maintain a healthy weight and stretch before exercise. Finally, practice proper foot hygiene.

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