Why Getting Pediatric Dentistry Services Is Best for Your Kids

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Children should be taught proper oral hygiene practices as early as possible. They begin getting their baby teeth as early as six months old. By age 6 or 7, most kids start losing their first set of teeth. These baby teeth will be replaced with permanent teeth, and that’s why it’s important to teach them proper oral hygiene at a young age. Children are prone to potential dental problems without proper care. This could also lead to a lifetime of complications and pain.

But these common childhood dental caries may be prevented with regular dental visits to a pediatric dentistry professional from South Bend.

What Is a Pediatric Dentist?

A pediatric dentist is dedicated to children’s oral health from infancy until their teenage years. They are trained and qualified to care for kids’ mouth, teeth and gums throughout the different stages of childhood.

Most adults make the mistake of taking their children to a general dentist for their first checkup. This can actually become a traumatic experience because kids are very different from adults. What sets pediatric dentists apart from general practitioners is that they have an additional two years of residency and are trained with different dental cases of infants, children and teens.

What Are the Different Services a Pediatric Dentist Offers?

Pediatric dentists offer a comprehensive range of treatment options to care for children’s overall oral health. Some of these services are:

  • Infant oral examinations to include oral risk assessment for dental caries in mother and child
  • Preventive dental health care such as fluoride treatment, diet and nutrition recommendations for children
  • Counseling for habit changes such as thumb-sucking and using the pacifier
  • Early assessment and treatment to correct alignment or improper bite with the help of orthodontics
  • Repair of tooth defects and treatment of cavities
  • Oral diagnostics for conditions associated with diabetes, asthma, heart defect, hay fever, ADHD and other illnesses
  • Management of different gum conditions and diseases such as mucoceles, ulcers, short and pediatric periodontal diseases
  • Treatment and management of serious dental injuries such as knock-out teeth, fractured and displaced teeth

Where Can You Find a Pediatric Dentist?


Pediatricians usually have contacts with pediatric dentists. Parents can easily find a pediatric dentist who can manage different oral issues in their location through referrals or by searching listing online. It’s better to seek a pediatrician’s or a general dentist’s referral for a pediatric dentist who knows how to examine and treat children.

When it comes to children’s oral health care, consulting a pediatric dentist is the best move for many parents. Unlike adults, kids can be fidgety, impatient, scared or uncooperative when visiting dentists.

Visits become even more complicated when a child has special needs. With a pediatric dentist, parents are assured of specially designed equipment for kids and their needs. Dental clinics are also made to look like play areas to make them feel at ease and relaxed.

So, when your pediatrician suggests that a dentist should check your child, don’t hesitate to ask for a referral for a pediatric dentist to quiet all your worries and get only the best possible care for your kid.

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