Why Is Your Back in Pain?

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Our bodies are vulnerable to many different physical conditions regardless of our age, and one example is back pain. While often not debilitating, back pain could lead to worse problems if we don’t have it tended to properly.

Back pain is often caused by muscle strain in the back portion of our bodies. Since we’re in our primes, we’re likely used to doing heavy lifting or excessive exercising. Muscle strain can also be caused by sudden movements that our bodies didn’t have time to prepare for.

It can also be caused by certain choices we make daily. Slouching at our desks, for one, can be quite damaging because it not only causes muscle strain but can also constrict blood vessels and nerves. Weight is another consideration since going over the unhealthy number can cause more strain on the body.

Aside from these, there are some instances where back pain is caused by more serious health conditions. Some to look out for are the following.

  • Ankylosing Spondylitis – This is an arthritis condition that involves the inflammation of the spine and sacroiliac joints. It’s passed on through genetics, and is also known as a chronic autoimmune disease. Spondylitis can’t be cured, but it can be managed through maintenance medication, therapy, and exercise.
  • Disc Problems – The disc is a part of the spine that absorbs shock. Herniated or slipped disc is diagnosed when the tissue between the joints become misplaced. Back or hip pain is then felt due to the nerves pressing together.
  • Tumors – These are caused by abnormal growth of tissues. Often, they are spread to the back by cancer. Tumors located in the back portion of the body can press on nerves, resulting in back pain.

The choice for back pain treatment depends on the gravity of the situation. Lehi residents can look into either home-based or medical treatments after diagnosis.

woman being treated for back pain

  • Hot Compress – The most common form of back pain treatment is the hot compress. Alongside rest, hot compress is usually enough to alleviate the pain. If it persists, it’s recommended to visit the doctor.
  • Medication – Pain relievers come in two forms: over-the-counter or prescribed. OTC medication like ibuprofen may not be enough to stop the pain, though. In that case, doctors can prescribe muscle relaxants.
  • Physical Therapy – This treatment is especially applicable to people battling with chronic back pain. Physical therapists can perform heat and ice application, as well as electrical stimulation. Outside of sessions, patients should perform flexibility and strength exercises to further relieve the pain.
  • Complementary Therapy – Modern science has proven that some alternative methods can work alongside medical treatments. These include chiropractic therapy, yoga, and acupuncture. Given their title, it’s good to subscribe to these methods after a medical professional has been visited.

Back pain may seem inconsequential compared to other conditions. However, it’s wise to treat it as delicate as you do others. If the pain you encounter persists despite home remedies, a visit to the doctor can prove helpful since they can prescribe better treatments.

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