Why Retirees Choose Miami

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Today, college kids aren’t the only people flocking to Miami. The city has become one of the most popular places for retirement in the nation. Seniors might be skipping the wild parties, but there are other reasons why Miami is a great place to retire.

1. Senior-centric Health Care

The growing number of senior residents has influenced the direction of medical health services in Miami. Hospitals and other healthcare providers devote a large portion of their resources and expertise to fulfilling the needs of senior residents. Miami has the highest number of medical research clinics dedicated to diseases and afflictions that primarily affect seniors in the nation, putting it at the cutting edge of senior care. The State of Florida also has more than 300 hospitals and more than 600 clinics, a good number of them in Miami.

2. Goodbye Taxes

The whole state of Florida doesn’t impose income taxes, inheritance taxes, or estate taxes. You can keep your pension intact if you move to Miami. Your pension income, whether private or public, will not be taxed, giving you more money to spend on leisure and other activities. Even pension withdrawals are not taxed, which is especially important if you solely rely on your monthly pension for your needs. You’ll still need to pay property taxes, but you can easily apply for homestead exemptions that can shave of $25,000 to $50,000.

3. Warm Weather

Sunny day in Miami

Florida is one of the warmest places in the U.S. It’s not called the Sunshine State for no reason. Miami weather is perfect for seniors, especially those with joint problems exacerbated by cold. The constant weather and lack of snow allow anyone to take a walk in the sun any time they want and makes driving conditions a little bit safer.

4. A Myriad of Available Recreation

Miami offers a multitude of activity for seniors. Sailing and golf remain favorite activities, and fitter seniors can try their hands at surfing, kayaking, and snorkeling or scuba diving. The Miami-Dade County even instituted the Active Older Adults program to keep senior residents fit through activities like Tai Chi, Zumba, and cardio classes. The county has several clubs and hobby centers, and community events are scheduled regularly. Miami also has the largest terminal for cruise ships, so pick a destination and hop on board.

5. A Vibrant Nightlife

Contrary to popular belief, the parties in Miami don’t end after spring break. Miami has dozens of bars, clubs, and lounges that bring the party atmosphere all-year-round. Several establishments cater almost exclusively to seniors or have established themselves as favorite senior hangouts. So whether you want to party hard or chill with your friends, you can find a spot in Miami’s vibrant nightlife.

In the end, the growing number of senior residents has transformed the city of Miami, making it cater to the unique needs of its growing senior populace. Almost 25 percent of Miami residents are over the age of 55, so new senior residents will be in good company.

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