Why Women Are Crazy Over Their Skin Care Routine

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Skincare is a serious matter for women. They could be coming home from a party past midnight, a little buzzed from the glasses of wine, but despite it all, they go through with their skincare routine as if it were like any other night. From the traditional three steps of washing, toning, and moisturizing, the routine nowadays is usually composed of seven steps, if not ten. It’s a sign of how the science of skincare has evolved by continuously coming up with new products and using ingredients you’ve never heard of before. Now, there are serums, ampoules, sleep masks- to name a few- to add into the toner-moisturizer combo.

The upgraded version of skincare does not only focus on the face. Products like Kerluxe are the go-to when it comes to scalp care. Then, there are the various vitamin oils used for the nails. After all, they are all considered as skin according to science. When you think about it, it can appear to be a fad— a made-up trend to sell more products to women. But when you go to a dermatological clinic, the certification does say “skin, nails, and hair.” Like your face, your scalp and nails need as much care.

It might seem daunting when you imagine the amount of time and money spent on skincare. However, the ceremonial application every night is therapeutic. Many women enjoy doing their skincare routine because it helps them de-stress after a long day at work.

In addition to its therapeutic effect, here are two reasons why women look forward to their skincare routine at night:

1. As a way to address the needs of their skin

Not everyone is born with perfect skin. When you have dry skin, you need moisture. When you have oily skin, you need to mattify. When you have dull skin, you need to brighten it up. Everyone has skin problems.

From spots to pores, skincare products aim to target these problems to achieve the skin that people want. Having great skin can make people feel more confident. It may seem like vanity at first, but people want to look good to feel good about themselves. You can’t tell a person who’s suffering from acne to drink water and be comfortable in her skin. It’s a battle that requires the help of skincare products, among other things.

 Skin Care

2. As a preventive measure

It’s a wonder to some why the few lucky women who have seemingly perfect skin are using skincare products when there is nothing to correct. Some might be doing it for maintenance while the others as preventive measures.

More and more women start their fight against aging skin in their early 20’s. Studies show that collagen formation slows down by the age of 25.  Aging skin does not only mean wrinkles and fine lines, but it also implies dullness and age spots. Before it gets to that, when matters are more challenging to address, they are already in their battle gear, applying retinol at night.

The same can be said to acne. You’ll never know when they’ll pop out. The best course of action is to prevent it from happening. Dirt is one of the leading causes of acne. Having a clean face and using products with ingredients like niacinamide are pretty much effective ways to achieve clear skin.

The time you allot to your skincare routine is time allotted to yourself. Give yourself the attention you deserve.

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