Work for Seniors: Living the Good Life After Retirement

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Retirement does not mean the end of it all. Seniors who still have energy and lots of free time could still get the opportunity to earn after retiring. They can leisurely offer their skills in exchange for a salary. But of course, we don’t mean working a demanding full-time job. Seniors need to be able to pace themselves and enjoy the very principle of retirement: slowing down.

Moving into a facility for Phoenix independent senior living, or any other home for the aged, might leave your hands full with social activities designed to keep you engaged in the community. But you will still have ample time to do other things, for sure. Here are some of those part-time jobs that elderly people might even enjoy doing:

Become a Tutor

If you are a retired teacher, you may continue doing what you love, helping students through their toughest subjects, by working as a tutor. You may want to dedicate a couple of hours in a day to help a student or two bring up their grades by preparing them for exams and keeping up with their school work. There are even online sites that hire tutors for good pay. Best of all, you get to control your schedule: only take on students when you are available to do tutoring.

Become a Consultant

Missing your old grind? You can stay involved with the industry you worked in for years by offering consultancy services. Nothing could match your experience and expertise, ripened by many years of dedication, in order to help a company to grow. You may seek to engage your old company or even offer your services to other companies in the same field. There are always more people out there that might need your help.

Become an Athletic Coach

tennis player and trainer

Are you into sports and love working outdoors? Finding work as a coach might be the perfect freelance job for you. It might be a per season basis but it is something really fun to do. Plus, you can keep yourself fit, enjoy the outdoors, and spend all your extra energy coaching young adults. Try offering your services to your grand kids in school; it’s a great way to spend time with them and do what you love at the same time.

Become a Tax Preparer

Preparing the necessary documents for taxes is a very promising job that even seniors, accountant or not, can comfortably manage. If you want to be even more desirable for companies, you can take on a tax preparation course, which is offered for a minimal fee. This will walk you through the entire process so you know exactly what to do. Although this job is seasonal, it is one of the most in-demand short-term jobs, and it pays well, too.

Become a Customer Service Agent

Attending to customer concerns is one thing you can do from home. Call center companies are always hiring and some of them do not have any age limitations, especially if there is talent to be had. As long as you are good at communicating and at handling people’s concerns, you can get this as a job. Some of them even pay on a per hour basis. Your shift can just take you a few hours in a day.


There are many sites that offer jobs to retirees. If you are sure you want to get back to work, even on a seasonal, freelance basis, resources are just a few clicks away

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