Yoga Retreat: How to Plan for a Rejuvenating Experience

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The wellness industry is doing well. Its tourism sector, for starters, has brought in $563 billion in international income in 2015. And one of the trendiest experiences is the yoga retreat.

Expand Your Mind & Body

A retreat can offer an experience that you might not be able to get from your usual classes. Travelling to a distant place to practise yoga can be the rejuvenating vacation you’ve been looking for.

Retreats tend to be situated in idyllic locations; you could wake up to a sunrise overlooking the beach or the sound of exotic birds in a tropical setting. And you’ll have a schedule that allows you to focus and remain consistent with your practise. Some of the best retreats even combine meditation with yoga classes, creating a deeper way to truly disconnect.

Some of the more popular destinations include Asian countries, such as India, Thailand and Indonesia. But you can also try Brazil, Ireland and Mexico.

Once you’ve figured out where you want to go and the program you want to sign up for, you’ll want to prepare yourself as a beginner.

Know what to bring

Much like any vacation, you’ll need to pack for your destination. You’ll want to read up more on the location of your retreat. Are you headed to a mountainous region of the country or is it beachside? You’ll also want to know about the weather to make sure you’ve got the right outfits.

Get the schedule

Most retreats will have three or four classes in the day with healing sessions. Others will include day trips to nearby areas of interest. Then some retreats market themselves as the fun experience, with plenty of opportunities for socialising and partying.

Learn the schedule before you commit to one program so that you’ll know you’re getting what you need. If your goal is to deepen your yoga practise, then you’ll want to choose a retreat that’s intensive. If you’re looking to experience something new and meet new people, then choose a retreat that offers other activities.

Know why you’re going

It’s easy to get swept away by trendy wellness routines. But with yoga retreats, you need to carefully plan the trip before venturing out. Planning is crucial because of two factors: one, travelling for yoga can be expensive and two, you want to come away from the program feeling like you got what you came to do. And answering the “why” aspect of your trip is the key to ensuring both factors deliver in a positive way.

Consider the yoga classes carefully

Woman sitting on a yoga mat

Yoga is relatively easy. But some types of practises can be challenging on the mind and body. If you’re just starting out with this meditative discipline, then you’ll want to choose classes that cater to beginners. Consider classes that focus on basic poses, and not classes that teach power poses, which are for advanced students.

Finally, find out whether the instructors are open to modifying poses to suit your preference or abilities. Some instructors can adjust the poses for students who may have previous injuries. Classes that aren’t intensive with the poses would allow you to enjoy the retreat better.

Your yoga retreat can be traditional or unusual, in a good way. Whichever type of relaxing and rejuvenating getaway you choose, make sure to prepare for the experience. In doing so, you’ll come away feeling better and being better.

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