Been turned down for Invisalign braces? Five FAQs about the Damon Clear brace answered!

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When you have been told you aren’t suitable for invisible braces by your dentist, it can feel a bit upsetting. After all, Invisalign braces are one of the most popular treatments for adults who want to straighten their teeth. Therefore, being told you aren’t a suitable candidate can feel a bit like, well, a kick in the teeth!

But, it is important not to fret; the world of adult orthodontics goes far beyond invisible braces like Invisalign. If you have a more complex case of misalignment and require something a bit more targeted, your dentist may be able to offer you a brace called the Damon Clear brace.

Although this is a fitted brace that uses metal, don’t be fooled; it is visually very discreet and as such, is a very popular brace among adults. Known as one of the clear braces available in Clapham, the Damon Clear brace is made of a thin metal wire, secured to your teeth with either clear or tooth coloured brackets.

Curious to learn more? The top five questions about clear braces from Clapham are answered below; enjoy!

How long does the treatment take?

Faster than traditional orthodontic braces, treatment with clear braces near Clapham can be completed in under nine months.

Be aware, however, that just like invisible braces, this will depend on your clinical presentation and so, if your brace needs more adjusting, it is likely to take longer.

Will the brace need tightening?

Yes, it will.

As the Damon Clear brace is fitted to your teeth with brackets, it can be tightened to correct more complex cases of dental protrusions, gaps or misalignments.

Once again, you will need to have it tightened based on the judgement of your dentist, which will ultimately be based on how complex your orthodontic needs are.

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Is it harsh on the teeth?

As harsh as a fitted brace that requires tightening sounds, the Damon aligner is not harsh on your teeth.

Once you have had it adjusted, there may be some initial pressure or soreness, but this is part of the realignment process; your teeth have to be moved into their new position and sometimes, this requires a little bit more persuasion to achieve!

However, if you are in constant discomfort while wearing this brace, contact your dentist as soon as possible for a follow-up appointment.

Is the brace uncomfortable?

As mentioned earlier, after you have the Damon Clear brace tightened, some soreness is to be expected.

In day to day life, as this brace is not made from bulky metal, it should not be rubbing against your inner cheeks. It is discreet and you should find it very easy to sleep in.

How many times will I need a check-up?

Once again, this will depend on your unique clinical presentation but, if you have a more complex case, for the first few months, you can expect to see your dentist every two weeks. As treatment progresses, you can expect your tightening sessions to become more spaced out, until you have your coveted smile.

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