Could dental implants in St. Albans unlock your smile’s potential?

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For those who are missing one or more teeth, everyday life can often be challenging. Tasks which most of us would typically take for granted – like chewing basic foods or speaking clearly – can prove to be difficult, uncomfortable and painful. Additionally to this, having a missing tooth – especially if it is visible – can impact the way in which a person is treated by others, which can rub off onto them socially and damage their self-confidence. For these people, smiling through it simply isn’t an option, and – if left for a sustained time – can even result in seriously detrimental long-term health ramifications.Thankfully, through dental implants, those who are missing a tooth can have it restored fully and permanently in such a way that it feels and acts exactly as a natural tooth would.

How are dental implants different?

Dental treatment

Many people out there who are currently living with a missing tooth – or teeth – refrain from undergoing the treatment that they so drastically need out of misunderstanding of their available options. Typical treatments to restore a missing tooth such as crowns or bridges fill in a lost tooth space by sitting on the patient’s gum. This is effective to a degree, but typically requires return visits to the dental chair, and is rarely permanent. Dental implants, on the other hand, address the issue of a missing tooth on a deeper level. This is done by creating and embedding a false tooth root, directly into the patient’s jawbone. By embedding a root within the bone of the patient, it can act as a permanent anchor point on which to insert a replica tooth – typically constructed from either porcelain or plastic. As the implant is embedded within the patient’s bone, it looks and feels as a natural tooth would, and is just as sturdy and durable – allowing patients to chew anything they desire.

What does treatment involve?

The first stage of restoring your smile through dental implants involves a dental examination and consultation between the patient and their trusted, professional cosmetic dentistry practitioner. This lets the practitioner assess the oral health of the patient and identify if there are any underlying issues  – such as periodontal disease – which may get in the way of treatment. Providing the patient is healthy enough, the following stage would be to craft their unique dental implant. This is done through digital impressions of the patient’s surrounding teeth. Next, a small section of the patient’s jaw will be stripped back (whilst they are under the effects of an anaesthetic) and a small hole will be made. Into this hole, the titanium-alloy root is embedded deeply and left to heal. Titanium is used in this procedure as it has the unique ability to bond within human bone tissue. After a short while, the titanium root and the patient’s jawbone will fuse, after which the replacement tooth can be fixed in place. Anyone who is looking to restore their smile on a permanent basis, and achieve all the luxuries and privileges of having a whole set of healthy teeth – ought to waste no time in contacting their local, trusted cosmetic dentistry practitioner and begin seeking out treatment.

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