Common Issues Arising from Unaddressed Dental Discoloration

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For most people, dental health only includes regular cleaning and flossing. Few think of the color of their teeth as an indicator to the state of their dental health or even the reason for most of the issues which plague their teeth.

As such, they opt for a variety of homemade remedies and OTC whitening products to get white teeth. They fast realize that most of these remedies are not only inefficient but cause even more damage to their discolored teeth.

Teeth whitening in a Sandy-based clinic is not just for addressing your cosmetic concerns. Professional whitening is also intended to avert a range of dental issues caused by tooth discoloration irrespective of the type and extent of discoloration. Here are some of these issues.


There are different causes of dental discoloration. One of the most common is the accumulation of plaque on the surfaces of your teeth. If this is the causative factor in your case, the plaque also makes it hard to clean the surface of your teeth efficiently.

As such, it increases your risk of developing cavities. More often than not, you will only realize you have a tooth cavity when it has affected your dental roots and is causing considerable pain. In most cases, extraction is the treatment option at this stage.

Gum Disease

Plaque does not just affect your teeth but the gums as well. This makes the proper cleaning of your gums challenging if not altogether impossible. As such, your gums form the perfect breeding ground for harmful bacteria.

Bleeding gums evidence gum disease, and in severe cases, your teeth fall off because the gums are too weak. Moreover, the gums provide a gateway for the bacteria into your internal body organ where they cause different issues.

dentist cleaning teeth of womanHalitosis

People will erroneously assume that bad breath is only a social inconvenience and can be addressed using chewing gums and other homemade solutions. Halitosis is also a major issue caused by tooth discoloration because of the proliferation of bacteria in your mouth.

Other than bad breath, the bacteria cause a range of internal body organ issues. As such, the cause of your everyday overall health issues might be traced to your discolored teeth and bad breath.

Enamel Breakdown

Your dental enamel is the primary protector of the inner layer of your teeth. With OTC and homemade remedies, most people assume that their teeth are whitened, but they have in reality stripped their enamel off.

This marks the beginning of dental root issues and total damage to the inner tooth layers. Enamel breakdown due to dental discoloration is also a consequence of the bacteria which accumulates in discolored teeth.

The issues above now make professional dental whitening no longer a cosmetic procedure but rather one of those that determine your overall health. As such, it is not a treatment to be taken lightly.

Your type of dental stains generally determines the result of your professional tooth whitening procedure and number and frequency of needed treatments. Extrinsic stains will usually require fewer treatment sessions compared to intrinsic stains to get sparkling white teeth.

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