There’s No Need to Live With Imperfection

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If there’s one place on the human body where it’s impossible to hide imperfection it’s the teeth. People are hardwired to look at each other’s smiles for social signals, and having dodgy teeth can make it very hard to smile. Getting a great smile back is easy these days, thanks to veneers in Liverpool.

Hollywood Smiles, Only Better

Veneers in Liverpool today are the direct descendants of Hollywood film props, invented back in the 1920s to alter film stars’ looks for the different roles they were playing. The veneers on offer today from reputable cosmetic dentists such as Liverpool Smile Studio are far more durable and realistic. Back then, before the advent of dental porcelain and dental adhesive, the actors were lucky if they stayed in place for a whole scene.

Long-Lasting Teeth

Now though people can expect their veneers in Liverpool to last for at least 10 years. They do need to take good care of them, however. Doing crazy things like using their veneered teeth to open bottles is asking for trouble.

How Veneers in Liverpool Are Fitted

Getting veneers usually takes only a couple of appointments. During the first one, the teeth are prepared by removing a very thin layer of enamel. This gives a rough surface for the adhesive to bond with. It also makes sure that the veneers lie flush with the neighbouring teeth.

The dentist colour matches the teeth, then takes impressions of the teeth and sends the impressions and details of the shade of white required off to the lab.

A couple of weeks later, the veneers are sent over and the dentist fits them in a quick session.

What Are Veneers Good For?

Veneers are great for:

  • covering over cracks and chips
  • worn edges
  • making small teeth look larger
  • filling in gaps
  • disguising mild twists and misalignments
  • hiding discolouration.

Veneers and Whitening

People who also want to get their teeth whitened need to do so before getting veneers done. Dental porcelain can’t be whitened, so it’s important to colour match the veneers to already whitened teeth. Once veneers are in, the teeth can’t be whitened.

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