Disability and Employment: What We Should All Know

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Although we might know the common problems people with disabilities face on a daily basis, we can have a deeper understanding of how they feel if we listen carefully to their stories.

Doing daily chores isn’t as simple, regardless of how comfortable they have been with their routines. Going out or commuting is even harder. But perhaps the most challenging thing for many of them is getting accepted for a job.

What Counts as a Disability?

A disability could either be physical or mental. It’s when someone is in a condition that significantly changes their way of life.

For physical disabilities, it could be the inability to walk, talk, speak, or hear. Or, they might have lost a limb or more, which makes everyday mobility harder than the common person. Plus, other medical issues could be considered a disability, including musculoskeletal problems.

Meanwhile, several mental issues such as autism, intellectual disorders, Down Syndrome, and even depression and anxiety are commonly deemed as a disability. Many of these issues are considered when people send disability applications in Utah, where you can get benefits from the government.

Difficulty in Employment


Millions of people with disabilities find it hard to land a job, regardless of whether they are qualified or skilled, as with the case of Tiana Ferrell, who was interviewed by the Insider. Despite having a Master’s Degree, she still finds it hard to land a job due to her congenital abnormality.

This is perhaps the biggest issue many of them face every day, especially adults who would like to find a way to support themselves. According to these people, many business owners tend only to see the disability. They are seen as “different,” and sometimes even scary, and turned away during interviews.

Failure to Accommodate

If they do get the job, most of the time, the company fails to make accommodations for them. Perhaps, employers see it as an inconvenience, rather than providing their workers’ needs for better results at work.

Besides failing to make accommodations, many workplaces also fail to realize the limitations of their co-workers or employees with disabilities.

Having disabilities doesn’t mean they are incapable of working. They need special tools or equipment to help them accomplish a task, such as providing text captioning, which can make it easier for them. These additional tools can make them as productive as other employees.

Constant Discrimination

People with disabilities face ongoing discrimination, whether they are looking for work, or they’ve already been hired.

There are cases wherein the employers have provided everything they need, but the problem lies with the colleagues, and most of the time, the clients. Everywhere they go, they’ll be received with some discrimination about how they look and how they function.

Bullying is constant, even in an environment where everyone is supposedly an adult

Fortunately, people with disabilities are protected by the law. Any form of discrimination towards them is illegal and could be punishable by the law.

People with disabilities can perform the same tasks as all of us. We need to give them a chance to prove themselves. However, discrimination is widespread, but companies, governments, and local businesses are doing all they can to make it easy for everyone.

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