Improving Your Smile: Dental Treatments That Help You

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A smile can mean a lot to people, and we should be able to smile with confidence. Around 50 percent of adults remember a person’s smile the most, so you may want to leave a good impression on people. While you may enhance your teeth through photos, you can use those tools to edit your smile in real life.

Here are some dental procedures you could get to improve your smile.

Dental Bonding

If you have chipped or decayed teeth, then you can go for dental bonding. It can also change the teeth shape and close any gaps. The dentist will apply a durable plastic resin on your tooth, and will apply a special light to bond and harden the resin, which will be the same color as your teeth to create a natural and improved smile.

If you do not want to compromise the original structure of your teeth, you can choose this option. However, get rid of bad habits if you do this, such as chewing on hard foods and ice or biting your fingernails.

Teeth Whitening

A simple way to enhance your smile instantly is teeth whitening. It will brighten your teeth and remove discoloration and stains. You can use a kit at home, but they will not be as effective compared to a dentist’s skills.

It is painless and quick, which is why many people opt for this dental procedure. However, avoid certain foods that could stain your teeth after you whiten them, since your teeth may be susceptible to stains right after the procedure.


If you are missing a tooth, then you need to get a dental implant. The dentist will put a screw in your jawbone to be permanent support for your crown. Afterward, your dentist will insert the implant’s crown through the inserted screw.

Many dental implants are not noticeable since they look like your natural teeth. Find a dentist near you that offers dental implants to learn more about what implants can do for you.

Crowns and Veneers

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If you want to improve the function and look of your teeth, then you can get veneers or crowns. A veneer gets bonded to the front part of your current tooth, and it is very thin. A crown is slightly thicker; it covers your whole tooth.

If you have a lot of damage on a tooth, a dentist may recommend that you get a crown to cover it up. However, if you have something like a chipped tooth, then a dentist may offer you a veneer instead. Except for all-metal crowns, veneers and crowns should match the color of your teeth.

Enamel Shaping

Enamel shaping is an easy and quick way to fix irregular tooth shape, uneven enamel, and small chips, like dental bonding. However, the difference between the two is that enamel shaping is a permanent procedure. That is because it removes tiny amounts of the enamel.

Some people use enamel shaping to straighten their teeth slightly, so they need not get braces, but it does not fix massive alignment issues. However, not everyone can get enamel shaping. If the enamel of your teeth is too thin, then you cannot get it.

Thanks to the advances in the dentistry field, getting a perfect smile is easier than you think. Consult your dentist to know which of these procedures suits your teeth.

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