Finding a Hair Loss Treatment That Will Work For You

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Hair can start falling off for various reasons, such as genetics, stress and the hormone, Dihydrotestosterone (DHT). To some extent, these factors are unavoidable. When the time comes, the best way out is to look for solutions so that you can get your former look back. Fortunately, you will not search very far before landing on one of the best solutions: laser combs, bands and helmets.

One good example is the HairMax LaserComb 7, an innovative product that boasts successful results. But even with this high-level laser hair-loss treatment system, there are a few things you still need to consider before buying one.

A Comb, Helmet or Band?

You will need to choose between the laser helmet, the band and the comb. The combs are manual and more affordable. Laser helmets and bands, on the other hand, use electricity to function. They come in the right size to fit the head during treatment. The choice you will need to make will be between the band’s and helmet’s convenience, or the affordability of the comb.

The Extent of Hair Loss

If the hair loss condition is so severe that your entire scalp or sections of it are shiny and smooth, it indicates that the follicles have become dormant in those bald areas. That means laser treatment is not for you. Without active follicles, the situation becomes irreversible. Laser hair loss treatment is best for increasing the density of hair where it is starting to thin out.

The Price

Low-power laser therapy helmets, bands and combs can be costly. Though the comb is cheaper than the helmet and band, it is still expensive in its own right. But if the cheaper options are not working for you, then bands and helmets might be the only available option. The results will eventually justify the cost.

The Possibility of Side Effects

Doctor inspecting a man's scalpThough there have been reports of scalp burning, these have been very few. Low-power laser therapy is safe and has nearly zero side effects. That is evident from the numerous laser therapy systems, such as the HairMax LaserComb 7, already cleared by regulatory bodies in Singapore. In some cases, the itching of the scalp and low-scale irritation may happen, but not to a worrying degree. The helmet and band come with an automatic shut off feature that goes off after the session is complete.

Guarantee That the Laser Combs, Helmets and Bands Work

Many studies have proven the fact that LLLT works. Many people who have used the therapy have given positive feedback after following the instructions. Though some medical professionals believe that laser therapy does not make hair grow, they do not dispute the possibility that there could at least be some benefits.

The best thing about going the laser therapy way is that it’s an investment you will only make once. The other conventional methods of growing hair back, such as the shampoos, pills and various other programs, will require multiple uses or applications. Laser combs, helmets and bands are one-time solutions that will ensure your recovery from your hair loss problem before it escalates.

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