How do dental implants improve your life?

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Are dental implants in St John’s Wood worth the praise they receive? Despite being classed as the most superior prosthesis of modern dentistry, patients are on the fence about this life-changing albeit somewhat costly procedure.

Here are some convincing reasons as to why tooth implants are a worthwhile investment for replacing your missing teeth.

Look and feel better

Missing teeth or having faulty dentures can destroy your self-confidence, knowing that you look and speak differently, you might stop socialising to avoid potentially embarrassing situations.

Reclaim your social life with tooth implants that not only look real, but are also secure and reliable.

Are a better fit than dentures

Because of dentures, people no longer have to walk around with gaps in their teeth. That said, while the prosthesis has revolutionised modern dentistry, it does not come without its drawbacks.

Implants address these drawbacks, which are namely that the device destabilises over a number of years and becomes unpredictable, not to mention that dentures do little to help with tooth loss and bone resorption that results from missing teeth.

Tooth implants, inserted deeply into your jawbone, will not dislodge or slip out of place unless they are placed incorrectly due to substandard dental work.

Avoid other dental issues in the future

Not replacing missing teeth or using dentures does not resolve the issue of bone degeneration, which occurs when your pearly whites are knocked out due to injury, or removed because of decay.

When you lose teeth, the bone underneath your missing tooth does not receive the stimulation it needs to remain durable and sturdy. Additionally, neighbouring teeth will shift to close the gap due to the missing tooth, which could weaken the pearly whites you have left, resulting in further tooth loss.

Dentures do little to resolve the issue, as the device sits over your teeth and gums, without placing the necessary pressure to prevent your jawbone from resorbing.

Implants are replaced at the root of your missing tooth, which is excellent news for the surrounding bone because you can bite down using your artificial tooth, thus exerting the needed stimulation.

You can eat what you like (within reason)

woman eating ice cream

Missing teeth not only impede your speech but can also make eating and chewing difficult. At the same time, you are advised against eating hard food while wearing dentures, as this may break or crack your device.

By possessing implants, you will not have to resort to a soft food diet, because you have missing teeth or a fragile prosthesis.

That said, while in time, you can enjoy all types of food, be mindful about what you eat in the first two weeks post-implant procedure and avoid placing too much pressure on the treated sight. Stick to a soft diet until your implant has fully healed.

You can enjoy many years with your implant

Another pitfall of dentures is that they often need to be replaced, which can be a nuisance for  patients.

On the other hand, implants last longer – if they are kept in mint condition.

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