How to Turn Yourself into the Toughest Boxer

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Boxing is a combat sport that requires its athletes to be built like tanks, or else they could easily stumble and fall when they ascend the ring. It is a brutal contest of strength and reflexes, and you can find yourself in a predicament if you make even the smallest mistakes. Blows to the body could fracture some bones, and a solid hit to the jaw could land you an appointment with the orthodontist. It demands a lot from the body, and it takes years of training before you can achieve a form that is ready for the competition.

If you want to be a prized pugilist, it requires your blood, sweat, and dedication. When you have all those traits, you can start making yourself a competitor of the sport. Here are workout focuses that can toughen you up so that you can be ready for the world of boxing.

Get the Iron Jaw

One of the most vulnerable parts of the body when having a spar is the jaw. Even the most acclaimed boxers can fall when they get hit on this part. It is something that is near to the neck, which houses a lot of the major nerves. That could be the reason boxers get easily knocked out upon impact. So to strengthen it, you can put the focus on your shoulder and neck muscles. The said muscles should provide ample support and cushion hopefully to a level that can absorb the weight of a punch.

But you still have to keep your head protected at all costs. It is a fairly small target, one that can be easily obscured by covering it with your fists or bobbing and weaving to avoid those punches. Some would wait for that opportunity to land that one crucial punch to get that knockout. You would surely catch your opponent by surprise if you were able to take one to the chin and brushed it off as if nothing happened.

Make a Brick Wall Out of Your Body


Building muscles through your whole body allows you to be more tough and able to tolerate blunt impact. When boxers step on the ring, you can see them being unrelenting in their pursuit of victory. Dozens of punches are thrown. Some miss, but when they do land on the body, it looks like hitting a brick wall. That is the result of intense training focused on making the upper body withstand those blows. And those punches are no joke. A professional boxer’s jab would really be painful when done on normal folks. You can just imagine how their abs can accept haymakers like they are nothing.

Build Your Stamina

When you box, it requires you to have good physical and visual coordination. You have to prepare your body to move in multiple directions in the blink of an eye, as you will have almost no time to decide on what to do. This is why you see boxers looking like they are hopping around the ring. Doing that allows them to quickly react to what their opponent is moving. In comparison, try to plant your feet flat to the floor and see how many moves you can do in that position. There are a lot more moves that you have to know, but what is important is for you to have enough stamina to do them all every round.

Lots of cardio exercises are needed for this. Constantly moving around and throwing punches all take the wind out of you, so you need to condition yourself to store a lot in your tank before you get exhausted. You also have to think about when you get hit, especially on the body. That has a great chance to deflate you, making you gasp for air as you try to recover. Stamina is an important resource that you have to manage while on a fight, and it can also be a key factor in securing a victory. After all, a tired opponent is a weak and slow-moving target, which can be your signal to go for the kill.

When you set aside the fact that boxing is a direct-contact sport, you can see the effort that the athletes put into conditioning their bodies and training. Seeing their sculptured physiques going to battle is a thing of beauty for fans of the sport. But when you get to the nitty-gritty on how that is achieved, you have a deeper understanding of it all.

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