Might it be time you looked into getting dental implants in Navan?

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In these ever difficult and ever changing times, it has never been more important that we all take care of each other and ourselves. The effects of Covid-19 across the globe has had a massive impact on people’s dieting and exercise regimes as we all try to live healthier. Whilst these are effective, people often do not pay close enough attention to their oral health, and the impact that it can have on other parts of their bodies or their overall health in general.

Our teeth are commonly used as good indicators of our health, and if we neglect them it can lead to a number of serious issues. Those who have missing teeth are open to a great many potentially dangerous dental health issues if they leave the space untreated. Treatments like dentures or dental crowns can be effective to a degree, but can also be uncomfortable and lead to other issues developing further down the line.The most effective and permanent solution to restore your teeth to full health if one is missing would be to seek out dental implants in Navan from a trusted and reputable cosmetic dentistry practice. By doing so, it is possible to restore the lost structure and support within your mouth as well as look identical to the surrounding teeth.

How are dental implants different from bridges or crowns?

The fundamental, and most crucial difference between dental implants and other treatments for lost teeth such as bridges or crowns is that dental implants are permanently embedded within the patient’s jawbone. Crowns and bridges can be used to fill a hole in a patient’s mouth, but are dependent on support and structure from the surrounding teeth, and therefore cannot provide the same strength that a natural tooth would. Dental implants are surgically fused with the bone inside a patient’s jaw, above where they have lost the tooth or teeth. This means that the false tooth will be firmly and permanently fixed into place and the patient can enjoy all of the privileges and benefits of having an entire set of natural teeth, such as smiling freely without embarrassment or eating the toughest of foods with ease.

How do they work?

dental implants

If you, or somebody you know could potentially be benefiting from dental implants – no matter how long it has been since they have lost their tooth – it is a good idea to speak to a local, trusted professional practice about your implant options. The first step on any treatment journey is to have the patient’s teeth professionally assessed, to determine if they are healthy enough to undergo implant treatment, and the level of treatment which is required. Provided that they are fit and healthy, the implants will then be surgically inserted. This involves a short, painless procedure in which a titanium-alloy socket is placed within the patient jawbone and left to fuse. After this natural fusion has taken place, the socket can be used as a permanently fixed point into which a denture can be inserted. Once the denture has been fixed in place the patient can begin enjoying their new, structurally sound and indistinguishable smile to their fullest.

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