Strong dental marketing for a top position on Google’s list

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It is important to create a good perception of your dental clinic in the mind of potential patients. To do this, a specialised online dental marketing team can help create an individually tailored, bespoke website for you and put together a good marketing plan. As this is their area of expertise, a good marketing team will not only create a fantastic website for you but also be able to maintain the website on a continuous basis, updating it regularly with new written content in the form of articles and blogs.

Uploading photographs of successful treatments, carried out at your dental practice, onto the website as often as possible is also a good dental marketing tool. The before-and-after pictures included, depicting varying degrees of improvement following the different types of treatment, will help potential patients visualise what their results may look like. In this way, you will be able to encourage your patients to consider dental treatment, regardless of the extent of treatment necessary for them. You can also kindle reassurance in the potential patients’ minds that your practice can provide excellent dental care.

How to keep Google pleased

The aforementioned strategies as well as many other different methods and techniques not only help make sure that your website is attractive and informative but also helps get your website in front of potential patients. This is known as dental SEO and involves establishing a position at the top of Google’s search results list.

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There are three parts to this results list which are generated by Google when a potential patient looks up a query on Google. The first part of Google’s search results list is made up of Google advertisements and these are the most effective way of getting your website seen and heard. However, this can be expensive and quite difficult to maintain in the long run for smaller dental practices.

The next part of the list is made up of Google Maps results and, to get onto this list, you can create a free Google My Business account on which you can add any information that you would like your potential patients to know with regards to your business. This includes contact details, an address and interesting features about your business such as your USPs or area of expertise. This gets you on the map of local dental practices in your area when your potential patient searches through Google for their dental needs.

The last part of the list is the organic search results and this is the section that you need to focus on and aim to be at the top of at all times so that, when the list is presented to the potential patient, your name pops up first. With efficient marketing in place, potential patients can click on your name, explore your website further, find out everything they need to and then speak to you to either find out more or book an appointment to visit you in person.

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