Which Is Better? Invisible Aligners or Braces?

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When it comes to straightening teeth as an adult, there are now a myriad of options available. And while you may want to undertake treatment with a trendy, invisible aligner or brace, this does not mean it is the best option for long-term effectiveness. After all, metal braces have been used in orthodontic care for 200 years and can boast a high success record and offer better versatility.

So, which option is better? Here, 5 key areas of how these devices impact daily life are assessed, to help you get an idea of which one would be better for you.


Comfort is tough to assess when it comes to comparing aligners and braces, as everyone experiences them differently.

Invisalign Dublin indeed relies on gentle pushing to move your teeth into the desired position, which many people deem to be more comfortable. But for others, fitted braces are preferred, as they are held in place and cannot sporadically move in the same way as clear aligners.

Putting on invisible aligners


An invisible aligner is, well, invisible (or the closest thing to it!) and simply slots over your teeth to realign them.

Metal braces have in recent years become a lot smaller in relation to the brackets and wires that are used to move the teeth, meaning that although they cannot boast being invisible or clear, you may be surprised at how discreet they can look.


On average, treatment with invisible aligners takes between 3-6 months to complete, providing that you keep the aligners in your mouth for the required amount of time and maintain regular contact with your dentist.

Fitted braces can take up to 36 months to rearrange a smile, but this has to take into account how versatile they are. While they can take a lot longer than removable options, they are better equipped to manage more intense misalignments, thus leading to better results from a more complicated starting point.


Many patients are concerned about undertaking orthodontic treatments as an adult due to cost.

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