The Artistry of Designer Dentures

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People often see dentures in Edinburgh as a last resort, a sign of old age and even the beginning of an overall decline. However, if they flip these preconceptions around and think of dentures as life-affirming, freedom-giving, advanced prosthetics, it makes much more sense.

Dentures have come a long way and are no longer the uncomfortable, fake-looking things they used to be. A good dental team with a focus in dentures in Edinburgh can create natural-looking dentures that are comfortable to wear. Practices such as Edinburgh Dental Specialists have a skilled team who are committed to creating the best dentures for their patients.

So Realistic, No One Will Know

The phrase ‘designer dentures’ may be a bit confusing – after all, it’s not as if there is going to be a label or logo of a designer on the teeth. It actually refers to the way the dentures are custom-made and designed to look just like real teeth and gums. Careful shading and colouring are used to make the dentures appear as realistic as possible. The team who create these dentures in Edinburgh are real artists.

The Best Fit

A good dentist will make sure the patient is completely happy with their dentures before treatment is completed. It is best to avoid dentists who promise fast results, as these things often take some time to get right. It is better to allow some extra time to be sure the best fit and look is acquired.

Lower quality dentures are at risk of causing discomfort and problems when eating or speaking. All new dentures in Edinburgh will take some time to get used to, but a good dentist will work with the patient to resolve any problems they may have.

Work Together To Create A Natural Smile

Everyone’s mouth is different, and a skilled denture dentist will be able to assess a patient’s mouth and jaw shape, and use this information when fabricating the dentures. It takes some skill with the mouth, jaw and tongue muscles to get used to holding the dentures in place and chewing effectively with them, and this will also have a bearing on the design and creation of the dentures.

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